Two Tip Tuesday – perp and Block Stock

Patterns, tools and product are lined up to be packed into the Suburban.  Wheels roll on Saturday for Paducah!!  Take a look at my new “little” favorite scissors.  They are called Super Snips with blades only 3/4″!  They are part of the lineup for Paducah.  At only $2.79 they will go fast.  Look for them on my website after Paducah.  Or come purchase a pair in my booth #3506!!

I will be the featured speaker at the Farmington Valley Quilt Guild in Connecticut tomorrow.  The topic is “Bindings –  A World of Options”.  The workshop on Thursday is “Finishing School”.  I have a notebook full of samples they will be learning!  In getting their kits ready, I needed to cut some bindings and a bunch of quilted fabric.  Look at my mat from cutting the Cuddle kits….

It needs a cleaning.  A couple of ways to “pull” the fibers from the mat is a wad of tape.






Or a piece of batting also works great.  Swirl the tape or batting around the fibers that are stuck in the mat and “wa-la”…no more fibers!








#1- Use tape or batting to remove fibers stuck in the cuts of your mat.

#2 – Keep you mat clean.  It saves fibers getting pushed further into it.  For really stubborn fibers, try a damp paper towel.  It is best to use a circular motion.


The Block Stock Hop will be coming to an end on April 30.  Be sure to visit the participating shops and designers!  Shop with them (or me, hint, hint) and receive a free block pattern.  Each shop/designer also has a wonderful giveaway at the end.  Check out for complete details!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics

The countdown is on for Paducah!!  I’ve been busy getting inventory ready and kits packaged.  My exciting news… I will be carrying Cuddle in my booth in Paducah!  I’m so excited!  Cuddle is so very yummy and soft!  I have chosen some great colors that will work perfectly with Snuggle Tails!  I will even have black and white for the Orca in your life.  A sneak peak of some of the colors are below.


And be sure to come to my new booth location.  I’m moving up…literally!  My booth will be on the second floor in the Convention Center.  You can find me in booth #3506 with a little more space.

Speaking of quilt shows…

#1- Wear comfy shoes!  There is nothing worse than having sore feet.

#2-  I’ve said this before, but saying it again…ASK to photo quilts in vendor booths.  Vendors spend countless hours creating new designs for you.  Please give them the respect they deserve…and buy that pattern!  And if they say NO photos, respect that as well!

I spent this evening with the Yankee Quilters Guild in Franklin. MA.  It was wonderful sharing my quilts on the topic of “Bindings A World of Options”.  Great questions and show and tell!  Thank you for having me!

I love sharing my lecture/trunk shows and workshops with guilds.  It is fun seeing how other guilds operate and I get to meet awesome quilters!  If your guild is looking for a speaker…lets talk!   Next week I’ll be with the Farmington Valley Quilt Guild in Connecticut.  I’m looking forward to another program on Bindings and workshop on Finishing School (all the exciting end bits of the quilt!!)

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Two Tip Tuesday – Kits and Books

Show season is well underway.  So my question to you… Do you buy kits at Quilt Shows?  I truly want to know your honest answers.  If you give me your thoughts  in the comments, I will enter you into a drawing for a kit of fabrics and pattern for the “Four” Dinner placemats!

my second request…

Do you still buy books?  Or do you prefer picking up patterns?  Or do like buying patterns online and downloading the pdf’s?

I enjoy talking with quilters at shows.  I love hearing about your successes and answering questions.  I, too, have questions and looking for your thoughts.  As the quilting industry moves and changes so does your quilting habits.

#1- Talk to quilt show vendors.

#2- Talk to quilt shop owners.

They cannot read your mind and if you have requests, they are sure to listen!  Did you know they will special order for you?

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Two Tip Tuesday – on Wednesday from Lancaster

Yep!   Tuesday flew right past me.  I am in Lancaster for the AQS Quilt Week and yesterday was day 2 of set up.  Below is my booth#1118.  It is a little different trying to show all the quilts I brought with me.  Come by and say hi!  Today was the first day of the show.

W.Q. Booth in Lancaster

I had a nice visit today with a student from the Lewes, DE guild from a few years ago.   I remember her quilt from class as I loved her fabric choices!  I was shopping at the local shop the day before class and I helped her decide on her diamonds for her “Diamond Tipped Tools” quilt.  She was kind to send me photos so I could share her beauty with you!  Nicely done Cheryl!!

Cheryl H’s Diamond Tipped Tools

I remember faces and fabrics!!  It is always a treat to see finished projects!

Quilt show tips for today/yesterday

#1- It is ok to collect patterns!  (Thanks B.C.!  I use your line a lot!)

#2-  if you see it and like it….buy it!  You might forget to go back to “that” booth.

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Two Tip Tuesday – student success

I LOVE getting photos of my student’s progress and even finished quilts!  Last week on Sew Central’s FaceBook page (Sew Central is in Merritt Island, FL)  one of my students finished quilts from the Babes on the Beach Retreat was featured.  I’m so excited about this Twirl-A-Tool quilt for several reasons.  1- it is done!,  2- it is beautiful!, 3- it is set straight! (instead of on-point like the cover quilt).  Take a look at Susan’s quilt…wonderful!

Susan’s Twirl-A-Tool









I also received a text and email from two students from my Belknap Guild workshop… Ila, I love the “masculine” colors you choose and happy for your progress!  And Noreen, I love the “fresh” look with the green background!

Ila’s Twirl-A-Tool

Noreen’s Twirl-ATool












I taught Twirl-ATool again last week for the Village Quilters  of Cantonsville, Maryland.  I quickly snapped a few photos before they packed up there things after class.  (I’m sorry I didn’t do this for Belknap group.  But hoping to see some more finished quilts in the near future…hint, hint)




































Don’t ya love the explosion of colors?!?  I sure do!

#1- It goes to prove, go with the colors you like and success will be yours!

#2- and a don’t….don’t get caught up in copying cover quilts.  Put your “twirl” on it!

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Two Tip Tuesday – blizzard

Yep, we had blizzard winds and snow today.  Part of the day I spent looking out the window when the wind would kick up, part was spent sewing and part was spent snow blowing.  Cold and wet with the wind howling made for a cold afternoon.

Tips will be simple as it is late and I’m now past Tuesday.

#1- unplug those irons!  Whether I’m at home or traveling, I always put the iron cord up on the ironing board when unplugged.  A quick glance and I know I’m safe!

#2-  pet peeve….and I’m going to get on my soapbox for this next one…. When sewing at a retreat or with friends, you do NOT need your own iron.  Get up and share!  I have been to many events, retreats, etc and people insist on having their own iron.  Nooooo, share.  You are taking the chance of overloading circuits and then where will you be…no power….no sewing….frustrated quilters.   So PLEASE, share those irons!!!

Packing for another guild program and workshop.  This time to Village Quilters of Catonsville, MD.  I’m looking forward to sharing my time in Egypt and the Egyptian Tentmakers’ work.  We will be Twirling the Brilliant Bindings tool in the Twirl-A-Tool Workshop.  (I heard there is still a couple spots open.). Last week I was in Laconia, NH with the Belknap Quilters!  I had a great time!  Thanks ladies and gentleman!! And a huge thank you to my dinner crew, my Vannas during the program and my hostess, Ila, I enjoyed being your guest!  And Sunday was spent on the Cape with the retreaters from Emma’s Quilt Cupboard.  I love being with like minded people!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – show loss

I hate to start my blog this week with a negative…but I must.  One of my Boxy Bags was stolen out of my booth during the AQS show in Daytona Beach.  The empty hook shown below is where one of my Boxy Bag samples had hung.

Empty hook

It is a shame someone stole this bag.   The bag was made for me by a friend to use as one of the bags for the pattern cover.  It has multi colored squares with small embroidery designs on each square.  The photo below shows what the bag looks like.  The third one down.  If anyone sees it, please let me know!  Or request they send it back to me.

Multi color Boxy Bag









Please keep your eyes open when attending a show.  This is my life and the life of many of my friends in the industry.  I’m going to get on my soap box about stealing…as I said above, this is my life, job, income.  Stealing is wrong and copying patterns is wrong!  If you see something, say something!

Two Tips will resume next week.

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