Two Tip Tuesday – Summer

Summertime and what are your quilting plans?  Do you have any?  As I mentioned last week I am the featured designer over at Patchwork Posse.  I think my “Won’t You Be…” quilt would be a great summer project!  You could collect fabrics as you travel and then make a quilt to remember the shops you visited and fun you had along the way.

#1- Buy a piece of fabric from every shop you visit the summer!  Make it worth the stop and fun to remember where you have been.

Are you doing the Row by Row this summer?  It starts tomorrow, June 21st!  The theme is “On the Go”.  So, I’m GOing tomorrow to start collecting!  Not sure I will make a quilt, but I love collecting the patterns!  Then I’m looking forward to heading to Vermont for the Vermont Quilt Festival this weekend.  I’m not vending, so I’m looking forward to actually seeing a show!!

My next project is waiting to be quilted.  So the batting is relaxing.  Yep! Relaxing.  I don’t want any fold lines in the batting when I start.  I lay the batting over the frame so it can relax.

#2- Let you batting relax to remove the fold lines.

I could fluff it in the dryer but usually let it rest.  It doesn’t take more than a few hours, but mine has been sitting for a few days… I better get to quilting!

GO, sew, collect and quilt!

And stay cool!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Featured designer for Patchwork Posse

It is posted on Patchwork Posse!!!!  I can show the quilt!  See below!  Becky Jorgensen is the owner and chose me to be one of her guest designer this year.  June is MY month to be featured on her blog.  I was asked to design a pattern for the members of group.  You can find it through. Patchwork The pattern is available for free only to the members.  It is a very educational blog and group with a ton of resources!  You can listen to my interview with Becky and read a bit about me and my business on the blog.  The quilt below is what I designed for the event!  I love showing off fabrics in simple pieced blocks.  I think “Won’t You Be…” Quilt does just that.

“Won’t You Be…”

I hope you will go take a look and enjoy!

Thanks for following me in my quilting journey!

Now On to two tips . . .





There is a sashing (grass)  between the houses rows.  To make sure the blocks line up vertically in the quilt, I am careful to align the seams.  I place a pin at all the block seams before I add the next row of houses.  Then, you can easily see where to line up the row!  Photo is of pin on seam.  The next row is added above the sashing in this photo.

#1- Mark sashing with pins before it is pressed to easily find where to line up the next row.

Marking seam line with pin.

It is easier to work with the quilt in two halves.  Then sew the two halves together.  If you start at the top and work all the way down, you are dealing with most of the weight of the quilt for the last several seams.  So, by doing each half, you only are working with the full weight once for the center seam of the quilt!  The photo of the sashing is at the top of a row.  I worked from the bottom up for the second half of the quilt.  Then I sewed the two halves to make the whole!

#2- Work with a quilt in sections.  As described above, I sewed each half of the quilt.  Then into whole center!  This helps to deal with less weight until the final center seam!

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Two Tip Tuesday – “I Am AQS”

The American Quilter magazine July issue arrived yesterday!!!  And there it was…on the first page if you start from the back…

American Quilter – July 2017

I’m so proud and excited to be chosen for the article.  If you are not an AQS member and want a copy, you can find the information on their website,  As the article says, I’ve been a member for most of the at last 30 years.  This issue has the winners from Spring Paducah Quilt Week and Lancaster.  Quite a lot of eye candy!!

Last week I promised the photo of the finished quilt for the International Quilters Association blog….well, it doesn’t get posted until tomorrow so I will wait for the reveal there before I show you here.  But, I’ll give you a sneak peak at one of the blocks in the quilt below!  For those of you who participated in Block Stock this year, you might recognize the block.  I’m excited how the quilt turned out.  Stay tuned!

“Won’t You Be…” block

In sewing the above mentioned quilt, I had a BUNCH of cut off corners when I made the units.  So, I used them as Starters and Enders!  Now, I have a bunch of half squares to use in another project!  Much better than having a bunch of pieces that will only be thrown away.  Checkout the piles below…what usually is the starters and Enders vs. sewn half squares ready to press, trim and use!



#1- Use cut off triangles as Starters and Enders to make half squares!

Half Squares sewn…more useful!

Usual Starters and Enders









One of the questions I am asked a lot is “How and where do I unpick stitches in the middle of a seam to have that seam change directions?”  This will be my second tip for today!

#2 – Opposing seams in the center of a block.  Some say to twirl the seam.  See photos and instructions below!

Crossed seam stitches.
Only unpick first two
stitches in seam allowance
in green fabric

Seam on opposite side
only unpick two stitches










Open seams of unpicked
stitches. See some still
holding on.

Press open
Seam on left going down
Seam on right goin up







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Two Tip Tuesday – missed weeks

Well, hello again!  It has been a bit hectic with Quilt Market…see booth photos below…my Wendt Quilting booth and my new “By The Numbers” quilts and patterns in the “By The Numbers” booth!

Wendt Quilting

Wendt Quilting
























…also busy with….the return and getting ready to be the featured designer on  I’m almost set with showing the quilt that will be the free pattern from me.  I will post when it is done.

In working on this quilt, I’m drawing sewing lines.  Yes, I still draw lines.  I prefer them to several other methods out there.  Why?  Accuracy, simple (no gadgets), and quick to execute.  All you need is your cut pieces, a pencil and ruler.  A few tips on what makes this fly for me…

#1- use a pencil with a soft lead.  My favorite is shown below.  PaperMate.  I’ve been using this particular brand and exact one for years.  Still glides the best over your fabric!

#2- Hold the pencil at an angle as you drag it along the ruler for a smooth ride over the fabric.

#3- Go ahead and draw your second line to sew on for making a half square triangle with the extra cut off corners.  Use the extra triangles to make add to your project, add to your stash or create a pillow, dresser scarf or table runner with the leftovers!








Tune in next week for the results!

AND are you an AQS member?  Check out the “first page when starting at the back” of the July American Quilter magazine.  I’m the featured “I am AQS” member!!  It was such an honor to be chosen!  And I had a lot of fun telling my story!  Look for me there!

Debbie Wendt
Photo by Bonnie McCaffery

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Two Tip Tuesday – on Wednesday

Spring Quilt Market is next week and preparations had me running all yesterday.  Thus the day late!  Gina Zeleznok of Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing and I will have the “By The Numbers” booth#3209 and I’ll have my Wendt Quilting booth#3207.  Gina will also have her Grab ‘n Go Kits booth #3211.  She has some georgeous new designs!  I’ve decided to offer my “Wonderful Little World” pattern and foundations to shops.  I love the simplicity of the houses and trees!  I’ll put the photo below.  The houses finish to 3″… Cuteness!!

My LITTLE Wonderful World ~DW

Market prep includes a redo of my catalog.  I have to say, it is very rewarding seeing all my designs listed and pictured.  It reinforces my love of design!!  So, what about you?  Do you have photos off all the quilts you have made?  You should!!!  I know I’ve missed some of mine along the way.  I’ve said for years I need an album.  I even have one a friend made for me.  Time to get it filled up with photos!

#1- Take photos of your work!

How do you take photos?  Holding them up with so the quilt has feet?  Draped over furniture?  On a bed?  One way is to get the entire quilt.  I don’t  have floor space in my house to lay out a full quilt.  Time to improvise.  So, my driveway is big enough!  I put a sheet down, anchored with rocks and hung out a window above to get the “big” picture.  The problem with getting a good shot is trying not to skew the image.  Difficult!!  If possible…Get directly above the center, hold your camera flat (don’t tilt) and take the photo.  You can do the same upright using a quilt stand.  Close ups are also nice to show your quilting and beautiful piecing.

#2- Use a sheet on the ground to protect your quilt when taking photos.

Brilliant Ribbons









Did you know my “Shoo Fly Picnic” quilt has a drop cloth backpack pattern included?! Great for taking the quilt (or any quilt) to an outdoor event and protecting it from the ground.

Shoo Fly Picnic. D.W.

The winner of the Block Stock prize package is Evelyn W. of PA.  I’ll be emailing you!!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – thanks Paducah

It was GREAT to be in Paducah last week!  Thank you to all who stopped, visited and shopped!  I loved seeing friends, former students, sharing quilt photos and stories.  We had lots of laughs in my booth.  Even discussion on local wine, (teehee).  Check out Purple Toad Winery.  I’ve yet to get there but  have heard and tasted good things!

I did manage to get to Handcock’s of Paducah.  I love all the fabric they carry.  My favorite purchase was not any new items but old.  Take a look at this pillowcase.  Great appliqué inspiration!







Also, I got a couple pics of antique quilts.  First, a lone star and I love how they changed fabrics in the same position.  Still the same colors but completely different fabric.  Love that kind of inspiration!  The second is a Hexagon with back to front binding.  Great plaid backing!

#1- Use antique quilts for inspiration!

#2- Do you have an antique quilt that needs to be cleaned?  Be very gentle!  Try soaking in bath tub, spin out water in washing machine (no washing or agitation!  Just spin.) and lay flat on clean white sheet to dry.

Block Stock has come to a close.  I’ll announce my prize package winner next week.  Thank you to all who made a purchase during the Block Stock Hop!  I look forward to next year’s hop!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Paducah

Evening!  Very late as today was end of setup and preview night.  Just putting my feet up so my legs can have a rest before the show officially opens tomorrow!!  I’ll post a few pics of my booth that my friend took of my booth.  I’ll get some more picks through the week.  Remember, I’ve changed locations.  I’m in the River Room on the second floor of the convention center booth #3506.  Come on by for demos, tools, patterns and some new bits!  And don’t forget the Cuddle!  Soooooo soft!
















Tips for Quilt Week…

#1- Bring a bag along to carry your purchased treasures.  Most vendors have bags, but your own bag is easier to carry.

# – Take a look at the show bag below.  Awesome and a great souvenir!

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