Two Tip Tuesday – on the edge…stitching that is

I had some time to actually sew these last couple days! I’m still playing catch-up from being gone over a month. I’m not living on the edge, but I’m sure living on the go. I LOVE to travel, so that really doesn’t phase me. What does keep me on edge is keeping up with all the quilty things. Website, blog, Facebook, orders, teaching, new designs, making samples, and new quilts or projects. So, sitting at my machine, cutting and sewing felt really good! I can’t show you the finished project, well, not just yet… but I will show you stitching bits I did.
First, the fabrics are from Turtle Hand Batik. We are working on combining their fabric with one or more of my patterns. I have to say, AWESOME! The fabrics are hand stamped and very rich in color. FUN!

Some of the constructing I did required a zipper. Easy! I like to EDGE STITCH along the edge to 1- make it pretty and 2- give stability.  I also EDGE STITCHED along a pocket.

EDGE stitch along zipper.

EDGE stitching along pocket.








On this same project I did some TOP STITCHING. Top stitching is typically 1/4″ away from a seam or decorative finish to a turned edge. It also 1- makes it pretty and 2- gives stability. They sure sound the same.  So, why the two different names for stitching that is close to or near an EDGE? You’ll have to ask the sewing history gurus and books that question. They are similar, yet different.  I learned both early on in my sewing career in junior high Home Ec. Then again in college for my clothing classes. And I still use them today for many of my sewing projects.

Some tips for both stitching techniques, EDGE STITCHING #1 – Keep it straight and even, no matter how far from a folded edge you are sewing. Typically an edge stitch is 1/8″-1/4″ from the edge.
#2 – TOP STITCHING is typically 1/4″ from the edge. Again keep it consistent! I like to use a slightly longer stitch length when I TOP STITCH or EDGE STITCH.

No matter which STITCH you are sewing along the “EDGE”. Consistency is KEY! Find a line on your throat plate to follow or place on your presser foot for a fine (good) straight line!
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Two Tip Tuesday – Vermont and Odd Angle Binding

I introduced a new pattern for Hex-a-ma-jig and Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. at Spring Market. I’m in the process of getting it ready for my website and my next show. Last minute decision….I’m vending at Vermont Quilt Festival!! I’m very excited for this opportunity and hope I will see some of you at the show. The show is June 26-29, 2019 at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, VT.  I’m looking forward to meeting the quilters at the show.  I’ll be demo-ing bindings and hexies in my booth as well as showcasing the new pattern!  Please stop by and see me!!

The new pattern is a placemat using either Hex or Junior.  It all depends on what size you want to make.  This has 60° odd angle binding due to the shape of the Hexagon.  There is nothing difficult about doing miter.  It is all in stopping and folding at the corner.  TIPS listed below!

1 – If sewing a 1/4″ seam, stop 1/4″ from the upcoming edge.  (However wide your seam, that is the measurement you stop.)

Mark stopping point.

Leave needle down at marked point.

Stitch off into corner point.
















2 – I like to leave the needle down at that stopping point and turn and stitch into the corner point.  Remove from sewing machine.

3 – “Miter Flip Flop” (The name I’ve coined for turning the binding at the corner.)  FLIP the binding up, away from the new edge so it is in line with the upcoming edge.  Then FLOP it back on top of itself.  The fold of the binding will be at a 90° from the corner point.

FLIP binding up so it is in line with upcoming edge.

fold is 90 degrees

FLOP back on top of itself so the fold is in line with the corner point.


















4 – Continue sewing in the new direction.  It is that simple!

May you have success with odd angle bindings!

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Two Tip Tuesday – After a Cruise

I missed last week because I was on an Alaskan Cruise. It was amazing! The air, the water, the mountains, the glaciers, the wildlife, the small communities…ALL so very impressive and a true pleasure to experience. We were on the Bliss by Norwegian. HUGE, not a fan of huge ships after this, but quite the experience. My favorite two photos are below. Seeing a glacier calve, watching a whale and all the eagles in Juneau.

Margerie Glacier

Whale Fluke!!! We got to see her several times!!!










A little plug for a local company, Alaska Travel Adventures!  A high school friend works for them and we were VERY impressed with the tours we did with them.  I highly recommend them!!

Bringing this back to quilting, I went to a wonderful quilt shop in Skagway, AK.  I spent a few hours ahead of time looking at all they had online.  I was hoping to not be overwhelmed when I got to the shop, as I only had less than 30 minutes to shop.  Great Alaska theme fabrics and kits!!!  I came home with several!  Rushin’ Tailor is the name of the shop.  If you want Alaskan themed fabrics, they have a wonderful selection!

#1- Visit quilt shops when you travel (I know I’ve said this before, but it is a great way to get local treasures!)

I could go on and on about Alaska, but I’ll refrain.  It was truly a dream come true to go!  It was wonderful sharing it with some of our Wendt Family that did the trip with us!!

Seals, eagle and great color inspiration!

I usually talk about “go” projects when I travel.  Can you believe I didn’t take one thing with me?!?  I just spent money on future projects.  And that was fine with me.  I added a few more grays from a couple shops in NW Washington State while taking  a side visit to see my aunt and Reece cousins.  More treasures to remember the trip!!

#2 – Sometimes memories can be made in purchasing fabric for those future quilts.  I hope to show results in a few months.

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P.S. Checkout my Snuggle Tails Whale/Dolphin pattern on!!



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Two Tip Tuesday – More on Quilt Market

Spring Quilt Market is in the books! Thank to all the shop owners and quilty peeps for stopping by my booth. Booth pic below!

Spring Quilt Market 2019






I introduced a new pattern that I told you about last week. Here is a pic of my Sneak Peek display. Simple but to the point!

Spring Quilt Market 2019
Sneak Peek







My Dad helped me with Sample Spree! My Mom helped me in the booth! And both were a HUGE help in setting up and taking down my booth.

Sample Spree 2019








Now for the next adventure! I’ll be vending at the Vermont Quilt Festival at the end of June. Last minute addition and I’m thrilled! Before heading home, I got to experience some Midwest weather. Love the colors but hate the colors when there is a tornado involved. This is what the TV looked like tonight. Pretty colors but I hate that many are effected by the storms. ALL SAFE where I am!!

KC area in the Spring











#1 – Experience the local flavors when traveling.  (Food more than the weather!)

#2 – Sign up early for classes.  (My Brilliant Binding class is already sold out in Grand Rapids for AQS Week in August.)

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Two Tip Tuesday – Spring Quilt Market

It is almost here…Spring Quilt Market! It is in Kansas City, Missouri this year. My hometown and I’m thrilled to be here and have a booth for Market. We begin setup Wednesday.  I’ll also be doing a Schoolhouse session and vending at Sample Spree. For those that don’t know about Quilt Market, it happens twice a year and is a grand event with quilt designers (that would be me!) tool companies (also me!), fabric companies, notions and all things in between. It is for quilt shop owners and quilting related business owners. It is not open to the general public. We get to see what is new in the industry!! I’m looking forward to several days of amazing quilty goodness!

So, what is new?  Hot off the press is a new pattern for using Hex-a-ma-jig and Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. to make placemats and mug rugs.  The new pattern is called Hexie Fun Placemats, nothing fancy, just says what it is!  Here are a couple of the samples…

Faye’s placemat!!

Ruby likes it! Check out the dog bone fabric!









As you can see, I made them for people and pets! I had a lot of fun with fabric and quilting these!  Thanks to a dear friend, Faye for the making the inspiration piece!!  Believe me when I say you just can’t stop at one.  I even included detailed instructions for odd angle bindings.  Those 60° edges of a hexagon are not difficult, just need explanation to keep the perfect mitered corners.  I’ll post more about those corners at another time.  Tonight I’m focused on sleep and giving you the news of a new pattern.

Hexie Fun Placemat and Mug Rug D.W.

Kitty cats will love them, too. D.W.











#1- Don’t stay up late when you are tired…that is typically when mistakes happen…get that rest and start fresh in the morning.

#2 – Quilting doesn’t have to be a masterpiece on every thing you make.  Sometimes simple quilting lines will do…and look GREAT!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Paducah and beyond

I didn’t mean to have a two week break from the blog, it just happened before I realized it. I’m thrilled to report that Paducah was fantastic.  I enjoyd seeing so many stop by the booth.  We did a lot of demos and talked to so many.  I loved teaching Hexies and Honeycombs. It was a great class for learning, inspiration and ah-ha moments. Some now have a new love for “Paper Pieces” and handwork.  Several flower garden blocks left the room and fun starts with Honeycombs for Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses.

Have you tried “Paper Pieces”?  I enjoy using them.  They are cardstock pieces cut into shapes.  They are a great for making Grandmother’s flower garden “go project”.

Grandmother’s Flower Gardens

Flower gardens and start of Honeycombs









1″ Hexie + 2 1/2″ square of fabric.  Trim to about 1/4″ around Paper Piece Hexie.  Turn fabric firmly over the edge and tack at each corner.  One down and many more to go!

Paper piece on fabric square.

Paper piece with trimmed fabric
and two corners tacked

Paper pieces with all corners tacked

Finished Hexie

Tips…#1 – Cut squares first, then trim.  This makes it easier to get fabrics ready to “go”.

#2 – Tack only at corners.  The directions suggest you stitch through the paper.  This takes extra time and hurts my fingers.  by only stitching the corner folds, it is also easier to remove papers!





My booth in Paducah!

Spring Paducah 2019

Thank you for continuing to follow me on the web and at shows.  My next stop is Spring Market in Kansas City.  It is going “home” for me, my hometown!  Keep a look out for a new Hex-a-ma-jig pattern in the coming weeks!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Tasket Basket Quilt, oops!

I’m in the throws of packing for Paducah and I’ll be bringing the “leftover” fabrics from the Something Blue Baskets Block Hop from Houston. I’ve got Fat Quarters and some yardage. Come by the booth early for best selection…when it is gone…it’s gone…and I don’t want you to miss out.

“Something Blue”…
Tasket Basket Quilt D.W.

For those of you who participated in the Hop and bought my finishing kit, your pattern MAY have a TYPO.

PLEASE!!  Double check the Square in a Square block measurement. It should read square to 4 3/4″ (not 3 1/2″) for their finished size of 4 1/4″.  As many times as I read and re-read and check numbers sometimes changes miss in getting to the final printing.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have cut smaller blocks, no problem, add more blocks in the strip to fill the length.

Tips when making the Square in a Square blocks…

#1 – Always mark center points on all pieces.

Sq n Sq block pieces with center pins.








#2 – Align center points and stitch.

Align center pins and sew.









#3- Add half squares to opposite sides.

Sq n Sq opposite edges sewn.








#4 – Add third and fourth half square to remaining opposite sides.

Sq in Sq block!

#5 – Square up!

I hope you are able to enjoy BLUE skies in your area!  I also hope to see you in my booth next week in Paducah #2605!

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