Two Tip Tuesday – Market prep

Fall Quilt Market is just over a week away.  I’m putting the final touches on my NEW patterns.  I’ll share two with you this week and the big reveal next week.  Two new patterns are under the “By The Numbers” category.  Look for them on the website in a week or so.

“Won’t You Be…” is now a little “By The Numbers” pattern.  It is packed with instructions and diagrams.  The quilt has been posted before but here is another look.

“Won’t You Be…” D.W.








The second is another BTN pattern.  “Focus Plush Plus” is all about yummy!  Simple design and awesome Cuddle fabric.

“Focus Plush Plus” D.W.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out!  It is a variation of Gina Zeleznok’s Modern Focus pattern.  YES, I have permission!  It will add to the BTN fabric system with using extra wide Cuddle fabric.  Cuddle is 58/60″ wide.  It makes a large quilt quick and easy.

I’ve given tips for working with “plush” fabrics in past posts.  But, I have a few more to add here…

A quilt can get heavy when Cuddle is used on the front and back of the quilt.  Add batting to the mix, even heavier.  I LOVE the weight but it is awkward to get it to stay on a cutting mat when trimming.  Tip shown in photo below…

Quilt on chair
Keeping it off the floor

#1 – Use a chair to hold a quilt off the floor and closer to the cutting table.

Once cuddle is cut and the fluff is removed with a vacuum or shaken, the edges will not fray further.  This makes it easy to bind the raw edge.  The “Focus Plush Plus” quilt has a raw edge back to front binding.  The backing was cut 1″ wider than the quilted top and brought around to the front.  No turning under necessary!!  Edge stitch the raw edge and ta-da, DONE!


Raw Edge Back to Front Binding D.W.

#2 – Raw edges of Cuddle does not fray after the initial fluff fibers are removed from the cut edge.  No need to turn under the edge of the binding.  Leave it a raw edge and stitch in place!

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Two Tip Tuesday – missed and hand quilting

Last week flew past!  I was in Des Moines for the AQS Quilt Week setting up my booth on Tuesday.   Sorry to miss Two Tips.  But, I did have an great week.  Thanks for everyone who came to the booth!  And all those who attended my lecture, “Bindings a World of Options”!!  It is always great to share quilt-y knowledge and give ideas for bindings.  There truly are many options to make those bindings brilliant!

Catching up on tips….I’m working to finish my Teal Mini for Joanne and decided to go back to my love of hand quilting.  I forgot to bring my handwork box so I was hand quilting without a thimble.  Not good for me.  Needle through my NAIL, not my finger!

#1- Wear a thimble, avoids holes in your fingernails!

I did meandering quilting lines across the mini and “winged” where the lines would go.  One way to audition a line is to lay the thread in the general direction and curve of where you want to go.  See photo below…

#2 – Lay thread out in a curve or straight line to audition where to quilt.

Another way to draw a quilting line is with the needle.  Drag it along the fabric and a line will be indented in the fabric.  Follow the line!










#3 – “Scratch” a line in the fabric with your quilting needle to have a line to follow for quilting.

#4 – a Hera marker also works well in “creasing a line in the fabric to follow for quilting.  I love to do this when machine quilting straight lines.  No pen/pencil marks to remove!

I can’t show the whole project as it is still a surprise for my swap partner.  I just finished the binding and getting ready for the label so it can be on its way!

The thread I used is from Susan Cleveland’s “Spagetti” collection.  It is a thicker 12 wt. from WonderFil.  LOVE the bright colors!

“Spagetti” collection by Susan K Cleveland
from WonderFil Specialty Threads

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Two Tip Tuesday – Market sewing

Fall Quilt Market is fast approaching.  That means sewing, sewing, sewing!  I’m working on a “Cuddle” quilt and had some leftovers.  So, I decided to add a pillow as a bonus to the pattern.  In working with plush fabric there are some tricks to make things easier.  One, don’t rush!  Soft, plush fabric has a nap.  And it is best to take it slow when sewing.  Also, a wider seam helps.  The pillow below is from the leftovers I mentioned.  Love the teal/gray combination!  Pieces are sewn and ready for trimming.

Cuddle Pillow

#1 – Slow down when sewing Cuddle!







In lining up the edges for sewing a seam, I found if I smooth my finger between the layers to smooth out the nap it will lay nice and flat.

Cuddle Seam
Nap of fabric

Cuddle Seam
Smooth nap with fingers

Cuddle Seam
smooth and ready to sew

#2 – Smooth nap of fabric with your fingers when sewing seams.  It helps keep the fabric together and lay flat for stitching.

Give it a try next time you work with soft Cuddle.  It really made sewing the seams so much easier!

AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines is next week!!  Will you be there?  Come by and see me in my Wendt Quilting Booth #1124.  Be sure to register for my lecture “Bindings a World of Options”.  A favorite for getting binding ideas!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Fall Paducah

Huge thanks to AQS, students and shoppers!  I enjoyed being in Paducah for the Fall show.  On our drive to Paducah we did a side trip to Niagra Falls.  Fun to take my mom on Maid of the Mist, she’s wanted to go on the boat for years.  Great surprise!

Look at those blues!

#1- Look at nature for color inspiration.

In Paducah, I taught two classes, gave a 10 minute demo in the All- Star Review and a 20 minute talk in the Learning Center.  (Rode on a golf cart from the convention center to the Pavilion in the rain with no windshield!  That was fun!). The first day of the show found my mom “hiding” in the corner.  Not really, but she almost blended into my Brilliant Ribbons quilt.





When shopping at a quilt show…don’t forget to return and buy.  I appreciate those that returned and are now happy owners of Brilliant Bindings!  With a lot of my focus on bindings and trapizoids, I love answering questions and seeing “ah-ha” moments.

For the Trapunto class, we compared the difference between one and two layers of poly high loft batting.  Which do you like?  My take is use what works for the project.  More puff?  Two layers (on right in photo).  Less puff?  One layer (on left in photo below).

#2- Choose batting based on how high you want your design to puff up.

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Two Tip Tuesday – templates for quilting

I’m preparing for my classes this week at Fall Paducah.  I’m excited the Become a Brilliant Binder is sold out!  In getting samples marked to quilt for The Trapunto Basics on Your Home Machine.  The class still has room.  You can register once you are at the show!

I like to use a blue wash out marker to mark the quilting design.

#1- Be sure to test all marking products!

My favorite feather wreath is by Barbara Chainey.  She has a website and blog.  The wreath is in a pattern book that is no longer available online but look for it in the future as downloads from her website.  Quilting Creations International has a number of designs by Barbara.

Wreath by Barbara Chainey

Wreath by Barbara Chainey









I used DBK template plastic to make the design easier to trace on my quilts and for use in my classes.  (YES, I have permission!!).  The plastic has nice flexibility and works well.  I used a tiny punch (used to punch holes in leather) to make the design.  This is a great way to use work with the design.  I have also used iron out chalk in a pounce pad when marking on darker fabrics.  The class sample is white so the blue pen was the choice this time.

#2- Use DBK plastic to make your own templates.

Did you know Electric Quilt has quilting designs?  Check out their website for several volumes of designs!  There are several company’s that make stencils.  Check them out.  I have several from a number of companies!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Brilliant Bindings (multi-purpose!)

In gearing up for the next few quilt shows, my husband and I have been getting tools ready to take.  That means peeling the paper off one side, putting the instructions into the bag and adding the tool.  YES, we “stuff” every one!

Why go through all that??….I was determined to have clear concise instructions with color photos to take you through ALL the binding steps.  By placing both is a zip top bag, your instructions can stay right with the tool.  So, keep those instructions with their respective tools!!  That my friends is my first tip.  I do this with every tool I buy.  If it didn’t come with a bag, then I put all the instructions in one spot so I’m sure not to loose them.  There is my second tip!

If you are local to me, I’ll be giving the Brown Bag lecture on Thursday at the New England Quilt Museum.  “Bindings Aren’t Boring, They’re BRILLIANT!”  Join me  at 12:30!

How is Brilliant Bindings multi-purpose?  Let me count the ways…

  1. To make perfect mitered corners on you quilt.
  2. Finish the binding tail ends (perfect join!).
  3. Used for ALL binding widths.
  4. Longarm version for binding the quilt before it is removed from the frame.
  5. Longarm tool also used as a straight edge for quilting.
  6. Used as a cutting template for my “Tool” and “Brilliant” patterns.
  7. Helps with mitered borders (see free handout on my website).
  8. Great 1/4″ markings for adding a seam allowance when paper/foundation piecing.
  9. Makes a simple braid (see free pattern on my website).
  10. Makes a great ribbon pillow (also free pattern).
  11. Great 2″ square up (miter end of tool).

….And there are more!!   What other use(s) have you found for Brilliant Bindings?  I’d love to hear them!  Please share by replying below.  I’ll enter you in a drawing to win my newest pattern debuting at Quilt Market in October.

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Two Tip Tuesday – seams and such

Ive been working on new patterns for Fall Market!  That means time at my machine and many seams to sew.  I can’t show you the pattern just yet, but I’ll show the seams.  I wanted the fabrics to pop off the background fabric so that meant seam allowances were pressed in the same direction.  So how to join them?  Same as any other seam but carefully!  Not difficult, just be aware of where to put the pins.

Wendt Quilting

Wendt Quilting

Seam align!









I place the seams together and then take a peek at where the 1/4″ seam will come across the join.  Then I place the pin in the backgrounds so the seam does not slip as I sew.  I do NOT remove the pins until I get right (almost) on it.  I’ve been known to go over the pin, one stitch at a time.  I do not run the machine, I carefully turn the hand wheel (remember most machines are always toward you) to complete the stitch.  Going slow like this allows the needle to slowly cross the pin and you are less likely to break a pin or bend the needle.  There were several tips in this paragraph, but a takeaway…

#1- Pin directly at the seam line to keep the fabrics from shifting.

#2- Sew one stitch at a time to be sure the fabrics do not shift when sewing a seam intersection.

I’ve also been working on my kits for the Fall Paducah classes in just two short weeks.  Will I see you there?





And I’ll be at the New England Quilt Museum on Thursday, September 7th for the Brown Bag Lecture.  I’ll be presenting “Bindings Aren’t Boring, They’re BRILLIANT”. Below is a couple quilts I will be showing on binding options.

Wendt Quilting

I hope you you will join me at one of my upcoming events!!

And speaking of Fall Market and also Festival in Houston, much of Texas and now Louisiana…Prayers to all affected by Hurricane Harvey! Many friends and family have been in harms way and we are thinking of YOU!

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