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Two Tip Tuesday – Mug Rug

I wanted to follow up on the Teal Mini Swap.  I had a great time making my mini for Joanne and loved the mini she made for me.  She spoiled me with including a second and some wonderful Maine treasures.  … Continue reading

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Two Tip Tuesday – missed and hand quilting

Last week flew past!  I was in Des Moines for the AQS Quilt Week setting up my booth on Tuesday.   Sorry to miss Two Tips.  But, I did have an great week.  Thanks for everyone who came to the booth!  … Continue reading

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Two Tip Tuesday – another travel day

Tuesday was a travel day so Wednesday (today) is the first chance I’ve had to write.  I’ll show a couple highlights from my trip to Grand Rapids AQS Quilt Week.  And thank you, thank you to all of you who … Continue reading

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Two Tip Tuesday – Ties

So what would you do if you saw an email giving away men’s neckties?  Yep, you say…”sure I’ll take them!”  Well, maybe you wouldn’t, but I sure did.  Look at the box I scored!  And they are mostly open, insides … Continue reading

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