Two Tip Tuesday – Market finds and finishing the year

Pinwheels and Friends was a great show!  Thanks to all who attended.  It made for a great finish to my shows this year.  The mini classes were a hit!  45 minutes of fun and techniques!

I returned home to this beauty!  And who says they don’t like orange?!?  I LOVE it, in fabric, in nature and in…everything!


Below is a little orange beauty I found at Market.  The original Thread Cutter by Sunflower Quilts!  I saw this a few years ago and then couldn’t find it.  I am so happy it reappeared in the quilting world!

image image








The Thread Cutter is great for cutting the threads between your chain piecing pieces.  I gave it a test with my “leaders” and “enders”.  Works well and is a nice small size!  You can find it at

Another find at Market is one I already knew.  Grab ‘n Go kits has a new owner.  My friend Gina of Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing bought Grab ‘n Go and has a number of new mini kits using the original clever shapes.  One of her Fall minis is below.  Check out her website, .








One more to share…

Rosa at Apliquick has new mid size scissors.  They are great for cutting appliqué shapes.  I love the unique handles.  Fits nicely in my hand.


I hope you will try out some of the finds!

#1 – try out new products!

#2 – Add some orange to your stash!  It works well with brights and fall projects.

in quilting,


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One Response to Two Tip Tuesday – Market finds and finishing the year

  1. Thanks Debbie,
    We are so glad you love the Thread Cutter!! Love your blog!

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