Two Tip Tuesday – gift sewing

I am a huge fan of Christmas!  I love the lights, music, goodies and gift giving.  However, I am not a fan of how commercialized it has become.  I love being with family, laughing and sharing the simple gift of love for one another!  I even like snow!!  In the past, I have spent hours (many times wee into the night) sewing and quilting gifts.  This year, I have refrained in making homemade gifts.  Even though I had something picked out months ago!

I’m teaching the “Four” Dinner placemats to the Blackstone Valley Heritage Guild on Saturday.  They are a quick, easy project if you are looking for a last minute (better start a day ahead!) gift.  The pattern can be found on my website.  “Four” Dinner…or any other meal!

"Four" Dinner D.W.

“Four” Dinner D.W.








I am getting ready to teach some friends how to sew, A mom and daughter team.  When talking about what their first project would be, we decided on pillowcases.  This has been a favorite to make over the years and for several charities.  American Patchwork and Quilting continues to collect pillow cases and the Quilts of Valor is another.  So, if you want some holiday sewing without a deadline please keep these organizations in mind!  My “Hot Dog” Pillow case is a free pattern on my website.  Check it out!  I was not the first with the idea, but I wrote down the process that worked for me and you can find it HERE!

Link to American Patchwork and Quilting – Pillowcase Project  –

Quilts of Valor – presentation case – presentation case

I pulled one of my favorite Christmas fabrics from my stash to make one for…ME!  I need a sample to sew along with my students and it is a wonderful excuse to finally cut into the fabric.  My selection is below!

Christmas favorites

Christmas favorites

This is a great week to decide to make a last minute gift!  There is still many hours left before Christmas!!

#1 –  Pick SIMPLE projects for last minute gifts!

#2 – And more importantly…LOVE what you pick!!  There is nothing worse than being under a deadline and not enjoying what you are making.

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Two Tip Tuesday – photos and bindings

After finishing the “Sea Glass” version of R-W-B Boise, I wanted some good photos of the quilt.  The quilt was a present for my step daughter and it was staying in south Florida.  I wanted a beach picture!  So, one morning I headed to the beach.  It was a very windy day and very difficult to get a photo.  I did what I could to get some shots.  I’ll put a few below!

"Sea Glass". D.W.

“Sea Glass”. D.W.

"Sea Glass". D.W.

“Sea Glass”. D.W.

Beaches of South Florida

Beaches of South Florida

"Sea Glass". D.W.

“Sea Glass”. D.W.

"Sea Glass". D.W.

“Sea Glass”. D.W.









I love the colors of the sea!  It is an unending inspiration for color choices.

One tip for today, is a don’t when it comes to taking photos of quilts…

#1- don’t take photos on a windy day!  It is difficult to keep the quilt in place.

Tomorrow night I will be giving a lecture and trunk show to one of the local guilds I belong to.  My lecture is ” Binding Aren’t Boring, They’re BRILLIANT!”  Some of my samples are ready to go, along with a favorite reference book, Happy Endings by Mimi Dietrich.

Bindings Are BRILLIANT

Bindings Are BRILLIANT

I look forward to sharing tips and insight to better bindings.  I will also be doing a workshop on my “Four” Dinner…or any other meal! Placemats.  With their back to front bindings, the placemats are a great way to learn a new binding application!  The back to front method can be used to make napkins!  I’ve made a couple samples, shown below.

Double sided napkins. D.W. Back to front technique

Double sided napkins. D.W.
Back to front technique

#2- use back to front bindings on placemats and napkins!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Giving Thanks

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Two Tip Tuesday – Market finds and finishing the year

Pinwheels and Friends was a great show!  Thanks to all who attended.  It made for a great finish to my shows this year.  The mini classes were a hit!  45 minutes of fun and techniques!

I returned home to this beauty!  And who says they don’t like orange?!?  I LOVE it, in fabric, in nature and in…everything!


Below is a little orange beauty I found at Market.  The original Thread Cutter by Sunflower Quilts!  I saw this a few years ago and then couldn’t find it.  I am so happy it reappeared in the quilting world!

image image








The Thread Cutter is great for cutting the threads between your chain piecing pieces.  I gave it a test with my “leaders” and “enders”.  Works well and is a nice small size!  You can find it at

Another find at Market is one I already knew.  Grab ‘n Go kits has a new owner.  My friend Gina of Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing bought Grab ‘n Go and has a number of new mini kits using the original clever shapes.  One of her Fall minis is below.  Check out her website, .








One more to share…

Rosa at Apliquick has new mid size scissors.  They are great for cutting appliqué shapes.  I love the unique handles.  Fits nicely in my hand.


I hope you will try out some of the finds!

#1 – try out new products!

#2 – Add some orange to your stash!  It works well with brights and fall projects.

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Two Tip Tuesday on Wednesday…again

Hi there!  I have loads of excuses for not posting yesterday.  Mainly…..I was travelling (flying) home and the day before I drove 14 hours from Houston to KC.  Long haul, but I did it.  Why the rush?  I am now in Sturbridge for Pinwheels and Friends Quilt Show Event.  I am really excited about this show!  It is a shop hop of sorts for attendees, we have loads of awesome mini classes and there is even a “quilt-cation” as well.  The hop, included in your admission, even has a quilt steps to collect for a pattern.   Don’t forget to vote for your favorite vendor quilt.  I am sponsoring the “Best of Show Vendor Quilt”.  Spend some time studying the amazing quilts in the booths!  YES!  Vendors quilt too!


My corner booth is set up and ready for the opening tomorrow at 10.

Wendt Quilting booth at Pinwheels and Friends

Wendt Quilting booth at
Pinwheels and Friends







The mini classes I’m teaching are below.  There are still a few openings, so come on out to Sturbridge!  The Tiny World has a 3″ finished little house.

Bindings by Machine Journal Cover

Bindings by Machine
Journal Cover

Tiny World!  D.W.

Tiny World! D.W.









#1 – Check out all the events when attending a quilt show!  The Pinwheels and Friends has awesome mini classes!

#2- When attending a show, ALWAYS ask to photo vendor quilts!  Most quilts are original designs and are the cover quilts of quilt patterns.

Thanks!  And hope to see you at the show!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Houston and more

Hello from Houston!  No, I didn’t have a problem last week, just plain forgot to post.  I was flying from MA to Missouri, loading my booth quilts, tools and patterns into my dad’s car and starting my drive to Houston, TX!!  I enjoyed a great visit with a college sorority sister on the drive down.  Thanks Lisa!!

Market finished yesterday!  It was good to see many shop owners who carry my tool and patterns and meet new customers!  My booth pic is below.  Gina Zeleznok of Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing and I used part of each of our booths for the “By The Nnumbers” patterns/quilts.  It was very well received and we are so excited to have “new” shops carrying my patterns and implementing “the system”!

W.Q. booth for Fall Market

Wendt Quilting booth for Fall Market






In getting ready for Market, I took some photos for my new cover quilts.  See “Skinny Bits” below.

Skinny Bits. W.Q.2016

Skinny Bits. W.Q.2016

It can be interesting  to see what is around when getting the favorite shot.  I love how the yellow leaves play with the fabrics!

I’m showing “Skinny Bits” on the sheet so you can see the binding.  This quilt is a good example of when to use a straight seam continuous binding.  There are so many lines both across the quilt and vertically, it was fitting to have the binding seams follow suit!

#1 – Try straight seam continuous binding.  It might be the better look for some quilts!

In quilting “Skinny Bit”, I used my domestic machine.  I prefer to hand baste the quilt sandwich instead of safety pins.  If you look closely you can see the white thread.  I’ll show a larger look and close up below.

Skinny Bits - thread basting

Skinny Bits – thread basting

Skinny Bits - closeup

Skinny Bits – closeup

So, why thread baste?

-I feel it holds the layers better and keeps them from shifting.

– It is easier to clip a thread when stitching along.

– No pins to un clip as you go.

– A thread is much easier to snip if it gets caught in the foot rather than mangling a safety pin.


– If you run over a thread, no damage…look out if you hit a pin!

#2 – Try thread basting your quilt sandwich…YES, even for machine quilting! (See reasons above!)

I’m staying for Festival!!  Come see me in Booth #1802!  Linda Gosselin will be helping me in the booth?  Thanks Linda!  We re-arranged a few things tonight.  I’ll post the final booth arrangement over on FaceBook.

A request, can you please let me know in the comments section if you were able to open and view my videos from a week ago?  Thanks.

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Two Tip Tuesday – more on strips

Hello quilting friends!  I think I got my videos on cutting strips loaded to YouTube.  So, we’ll give it a go and see if the links work… fingers and toes crossed!  More on that below.  But first, I took a class on Zentangle Inspired Found Poetry from my dear friend Elisa Murphy.  You can find her on the web, Remember last week and the Paradox Zentangle pattern on the stage??  Well, we did it in class!  How fun to talk about things in one area to have them show up in another.  My poetry is below, still a work in progress!

Found Poetry D.W.

Found Poetry D.W.










Now back to strips!   A new pattern is debuting at Fall Market next week, Skinny Bits.  This is one of my “little patterns”.  It is packed with fun and instruction but small in size and cost.  Skinny Bits is made using only strips.  And some really skinny ones!  The pattern is focused on making this a table runner or bead scarf, but add more strips and you will quickly have a lap quilt or larger.  the finished quilt is below!!

Skinny Bits D.W 2016

Skinny Bits D.W 2016

It is in sewing all those strips that I want to focus my tips this week.  First, in sewing strips end to end, the ends of the strips must be 90 degrees!  (tip#1)  See video on my Wendt Quilting channel (Video cutting 90 degrees) on making sure you are getting a 90 degree cut.

Second, in cutting strips into required length, how many times to you turn your ruler to find the measurement to cut?  I hope none!  See video for my explanation.  If you cut the 90 degree end with the largest number at said end, slide ruler along strip to desired length to cut correct amount.  (tip#2)  No turning needed!  See second video (Video2 simplify cutting strips)

Wendt Quilting YouTube Channel

Third, once strips are sewn for a row, sew pieced rows together from opposite ends.  This prevents them from bowing!  (tip#3 BONUS!)  Row 1 to 2 begin seam line at the top.  Row 2 to 3 begin seam line from the bottom.  Continue across quilt sewing each subsequent row from the opposite end.

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