Two Tip Tuesday – Hello Lancaster

Hello Lancaster and another show and MORE snow!  We are looking at the possibility of 3″+ here in Lancaster.  My booth is setup and ready for you.  The big question,??? Will quilters venture out?  We vendors sure hope so.  I saw some amazing booths and quilts.  My booth location has changed since last year.  You will find me in Booth#1158, to the right as you walk in, instead of left.

Wendt Quilting Booth #1158 Lancaster

I’m hanging out with my friends Donna and Joanne.  I said I needed some tips….their response…bring a hat and boots!!  It is cold and snowy out there!  Tee Hee!  And see my view below after a full day on my feet for setup.  My new alpaca socks and a beautiful old home we are staying at in Lancaster.  And a bit of color before dinner!

Feet up after setup!

On the right..Lindemans Framboise Lambic.
raspberry craft beer!









A report from my Guild’s show (Thimble Pleasures) this past weekend…..My “You’ve Got a Friend” song challenge won second place in its category!  I’m thrilled and appreciative of my peers for voting for my quilt.  To take some words from the lyrics, “winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call…”  Inspiration after going to a James Taylor concert with my quilting friend Michelle B. and several other quilter and vendor friends!  And thinking of all my friends who are just a phone call away.

“You’ve Got a Friend” D.W.

So, seriously…

#1 – Bring a hat and boots when traveling to a quilt show in the winter…oh wait, tomorrow is the first day of Spring!

#2- Rehydrate before, during and after you walk a quilt show!

#3- BONUS- make a quilt to commerate an event or favorite song or friend(s) in your life.

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Two Tip Tuesday – snow and show

This is my view today!  22″ at 6pm and it was still coming down.






I’m in the final steps of finishing up some quilts that will be entered into my guild’s show this weekend.  Thimble Pleasures show will be March 17 and 18 at Blackstone Valley Regional Technical School in Upton, MA.  Join us from 10-4!!  Admission is $7/adults and children under 18 are free.

I’m attaching sleeves for hanging my quilts at the show.  I’ll share some steps below.

1 – First our sleeve requirement is 5″.  I cut a piece of fabric 11″ wide (twice the width needed and a bit more for seams).  The length of the sleeve is the width of the quilt or just inside the binding.

2 – Hem both short ends, folding over 1/4″ and fold over again.  Stitch.  (Tip:  This will bring the width inside the binding so it does not show from the front.  Oh, and I was a bit long so it sits closer to the binding than I like.)

3 – Fold wrong sides together along length of sleeve.  Stitch a 1/4″ seam.  Press seam open and center in the middle of the sleeve.  Press sleeve edges.  (Tip:  The seam will be hidden, so no need to turn inside out.)

4 – On one long edge, fold back 1/2″ from fold line and press a crease.  (Tip:  This allows for the thickness of the of the hanging pole.)

5 – Attach to the top of the quilt, just inside the binding.  I make sure it is about 1/2″ from the top of the quilt.  Hand sew in place. (Tip: this keeps the sleeve from showing above the quilt!)

6 – Smooth sleeve and pull back the sleeve to the second crease you pressed.  This is the edge that is sewn to the quilt.  (Tip:  again, this allows fullness for pole!)

Step 2

Step 3

Step 5 and 6

Also Step 3














I added my label and it is ready to be hung in the show!  Now, to get some good sleep to I can snow blow all that snow in the morning!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Thank You Daytona Beach

Thank you to those who came to the booth and purchased patterns, tools and quilty notions!  Even though the weather got cooler, we still had beautiful sunshine.  Below are a few of the quilts near my booth and favorites!

“Village” by Rose Valentine

“Razzle Dazzle” by Karen Dever and Jo Kuchera

“North by Northwest” by Gloria Seibel









I love so much about these quilts.  Scrappy!  Very well done!  Amazing piecing and applique!

And I’m still taking pictures of floors and walls!  Here is inspiration of a different sort.  Carpet and picture in a hotel.  Ha!  But seriously, inspiration!  And look at these colors of central Florida.  There is a baby alligator in there but very difficult to see.








#1 – Get inspiration from quilt shows!!

#2- Get inspirations from EVERYTHING around you.

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P.S.  I’ll be back to sewing next week!

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Two Tip Tuesday – late but SHOW time

Welcome to Daytona Beach AQS quilt week!  My first show of the year.  I was in the throws of setting up my booth day before yesterday and two tips skipped right on by.  I’m happy to report, the booth is setup and today was a great first day of the show!

Wendt Quilting booth #1118
Daytona Beach Quilt Week

No walk on the beach, yet, but a relaxing sit in the hot tub helped ease the knot in my back.  Oh, the fun of setup. Don’t get me wrong, I love shows but some days the body doesn’t!!

I’m going to keep this short.  A great big welcome to some new followers and I’m thankful for those of my long time supporters!

New Hex-a-am-jig quilts!

#1- Grab a friend and go to a quilt show!

#2- Say hi to the vendors!  We’ve come a long way to bring you our quilty goodness.  A smile goes a long way and is greatly appreciated!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Getaways/Retreats

I sure enjoy an entire weekend focused on quilting!  It is easy for me to get sidetracked when sewing at home.  I had a very productive weekend on the Cape.  Same as my last getaway, I was working on “Hex-a-ma-jig” Hexie quilts.  Two more completed!

Mixed Flower Garden

Full Hexies
(NO “Y” set-in seams)

A Mixed Flower Garden with all flowers touching and Half Hexies made into full hexies with no “Y” (set-in seams).

In piecing these two quilts, the half hexies are sewn in rows across the quilt.  To speed up the process, I pick up one row at a time.  In order to keep the pieces IN ORDER, I pick up the top piece and put a pin in the top left corner.  Stitch 1/4″ seam.  Then the next two, continuing to put a pin in the top left corner.  Once the row is stitched, I take the row out of the machine and lay it out.  It is in the order sewn with my “leader” (starter fabric) at the beginning of the line of stitched pieces.

“leader”(starter fabric) left on first sewn seam.

I cut between my stitching line, from the left (beginning) one section at a time and sew the next section in the line to the previous.  Again, leaving the pin in the farthest left piece.  Repeat until the entire row is sewn.

Pins in the top left corner to keep order.

This helps speed up the piecing process and I don’t get the pieces in reverse order.

#1 – Leave “leader” in stitched row to help remember the order.  And place pin in the top left piece.

I left my stiletto at home so I used my curved snips as my “pusher”.  It worked great!  The two points stay separated until you squeeze to cut.  Perfect to hold fabric in place.

Snips as stiletto!

#2 – Snips work great in place of a stiletto!

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Two Tip Tuesday – “Fat Tuesday”

So what do you do for “Fat Tuesday”?  I’ve been cooking up a favorite, Crawfish Ettouffe.  Not much quilting today.  We lived in Louisiana for two very wonderful years.  And there, gained a love of crawfish.  Nothing quite like their local crawfish but I tried.  Without green peppers in the house, I got a different look and taste with a different recipe.  Not worth repeating, but great colors!

And the dark cherry scones was my substitute for King Cake.  I got the purple in there with the cherries but only green in the spatula.  HA!  Oh well, all in all, a fun cooking day.

So, does food inspire your colors?  What about holidays?

I need to dig out my Mardi Gras fabric and make a table runner.

#1 – Find color inspiration for quilts in food!  TeeHee!

On to another quilt using my new tool, “Hex-a-ma-jig”.  Baby (or tumbling) Blocks!  It was fun to play with Peppered Cottons.

“Hex-a-ma-jig” Baby Blocks









And speaking of solid fabrics…I got to see this wonderful quilt made with my By The Numbers pattern, “Done by Three”!  I love what Nora did!  I can’t tell you any more, as it might be a present.  You can find the mentioned tool and pattern on my website,!!

“Done by Three”

#2 – Try using solids or peppered cottons!  Great to show off a design.

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Two Tip Tuesday – follow up and new sample

I love posting my student’s work.  Below are five finished Neck Tie Pillows!!  A great way to make keepsakes from neck ties!

Neck Tie Pillows

Neck Tie Pillows










I appreciate the girls sharing their work!  They are very different in the tie choices they made yet show beautifully together.

My new sample projects are the quilts in the “Hex-a-ma-jig” template instruction booklet.  I will be showing the six quilts from the booklet over the next several weeks.  Not only are you getting instructions of how to use the tool, but quilts that can be made cutting all the different shapes from ONE tool, Hex-a-ma-jig!

First up is the traditional Flower Garden using half hexies.  An old favorite using Kaffe fabrics and black and white polka dot background.  I love how the background helps the fabrics pop.  The first picture is auditioning some fabric choices.

Flower Garden Audition









The final quilt has a change in arrangement and fabric.  (Not enough of one fabric.)

#1 – Don’t be afraid to change up fabrics from original audition.  Sometimes you just run out of fabric and need to substitute!

And speaking of changing up fabrics…..Look at the center flower, it felt wrong.  I said to a friend, “I need to change that one fabric”.  She turned around and said, yes the bottom one in the center flower!  Bingo!  Both of us were on the same page of what just didn’t work.  And notice the arrangement changed from the original bit of fabric layed out on the cutting board.  Another half hexie was cut and placed.  YES, that did it!  It is a tiny change but made me happy and the flower feels complete.

Flower Garden audition








#2 – If it feels wrong….change it!  My portable design wall works great for travel.

And finally, when on a quilting Getaway I love the inspiration and the universe telling me I made the right patterns…

Snow covered garden.

there was more!









Both at the same coffee shop on the Cape!  And verb-age to know you are in New England!!

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