Two Tip Tuesday – Scrappy Borders

First, I want to remind you about the block hop, Around the Block – US Tour.  It begins on August 2nd.  It is FREE, so be sure to sign up for notifications or check the website each week for visiting another state block.  (The blocks will be more than the block named for each state.  There are wonderful designers bringing you their own take the state block they are designing.)  click the link to go to the US Tour site.

I’ve shown a few scrappy quilts on my last couple posts and I’ve got another scrappy idea for you to try!  My friend Faye, showed one of her quilts with a scrappy border and the easy way she does it.  Register tape!  YES, all those receipts you get from your purchases or the miles of coupons that some stores spit out and hand to you.  You can piece on them!  Use extra strips, any width and sew one next to the other, trim them up and you have an instant scrappy border strip.  Most receipt tape is 3 1/8″ wide, this will finish to 2 5/8″.   OR you could even add extra width beyond the receipt when you trim if you want a wider border.  The tape will keep it stabilized and it is easy to remove.

Receipt paper piecing

Sew to either side!

This would add great variety of colors for the outside of any scrappy quilt.  You could even keep it to specific colors in the quilt.  I can see many possibilities.  How about crazy or wonky pieces?  Or skinny and fat strips?  The list can goes on….or should I say the receipt goes on.  Faye showed us a roll just waiting for another quilt.

#1 – Save those receipts and start sewing scraps to them!

#2 – Be sure to test the ink with an iron.  Faye found that it doesn’t come off on her fabric, but best to test.

Faye’s Scrappy Quilt!

I love the quilt Faye made with her scrappy receipt border!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Another Oldie

I mentioned last week that I love old quilts. So, I thought I’d show you another wonderful old quilt. I love this cute basket quilt. It is a very simple basket and has a scrappy feel, but this time it is the same block design that bring it together.

Antique Baskets

#1 – Use the block design (same block throughout) to unify the quilt!

#2 – Simple blocks can make stunning quilts!  Also look at the simple quilting!

A couple of announcement type items…
– The Teal Mini Swap sign ups will begin on Thursday, will you be joining in the fun?

– I am a featured vendor on AQS Quilt Week sight.  Be sure to check out my listing.  There just might be a discount involved, wink!  I’m still sad for all the show cancellations but this is a great way to see many vendors from their shows.

– If you are in a quilt guild there is a new sight for promoting Virtual Teacher Workshops and Lectures.  Go to Global Quilt Connection hosted by Sue Bleiweiss and Lyric Kinard.  I’ll be presenting on Sept. 2nd from 4-6pm!

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Two Tip Tuesday – New Block Hop &Old Quilts

First, I want to announce a new Block Tour!  This is a collaboration of pattern designers (some of the same designers from the Virtual Tips & Techniques).  It is called Around the Block – US Tour.  Click on the name to sign up for the notifications.  It starts on August 2nd.  Each week, on Sunday, you will receive a free block pattern that has been designed for each state across our US Tour.  (If you don’t want the notifications you can always keep checking the website.)  Zip back and forth across the country on a unique virtual voyage to collect the blocks, designer trivia and stories, plus giveaways!  The blocks will finish to 6″ (6 ½″ unfinished).  I will be presenting Louisiana (A state I lived in for 2 years and where I have dear quilting friends I treasure.)

Today’s tips come to you from Missouri.  I’m visiting my parents, family and friends.  “My room” has an amazing family quilt on the bed.  I LOVE sleeping under an old quilt.  The feel!  The look!  The colors!  The quilting!  The charm!  I love it all!  Look at all those fabrics.  I want to point out a few things (quilting tips) from/on this quilt.

Antique Dresden Plate

#1 – The charm of all those fabrics!  I think the more the better.  Eventually/unfortunately they all fade.  But, I love how they play so beautifully together.  Plus, the purple centers ties them all together.

#2 – Look at the simple quilting designs.  Crosshatching in the center of the dresdens, concentric circles in the dresdens themselves and then simple crosshatching in a different size in the background.  The actual construction lines disappear.  The quilting brings it all together.  LOVE!

The quilt has a wonderful light softness that is perfect for summer sleeping.  Wishing you peaceful sleeps!  Be well!

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Two Tip Tuesday – More on Flannel

I want to continue the conversation on flannel quilts for a couple more tips. I press my seams open for most of the blocks. If the flannel is lighter weight, I might press to one side instead.  But most often, I press open!

Flannel block seams pressed open.


With the borders on a flannel quilt, I press as I do with regular cotton, toward the border strip. A couple reasons for open seams……it reduces the bulk at the cross seams and this is very helpful when longarm quilting. I like the border seams pressed towards the borders because I often stitch in the ditch for the borders. Pressing to one side makes stitching in the ditch easier, in my opinion!

#1 – Press block seams open on flannel for a flatter finish.

#2 – Press flannel border seams to one side.  Easier for stitching in the ditch.

Below is a Brilliant Ribbon Pillow that Cheryl G. made in my Ribbon Pillow Zoom class.  This was my practice class for Zoom.  I’ll be announcing Zoom classes later in July.  Keep a look out!!  The Brilliant Ribbon Pillow is a free download on my website.

Brilliant Ribbon Pillow by Cheryl G.

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Happy 4th of July

My R-W-B-Boise is the last quilt in this Another Patriotic Quilts mash-up!  The first one follows.
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Two Tip Tuesday – Pieced Border Strips

How do you piece a single fabric border strip? I have used a variety of methods. It depends on the fabric and look and where it lies in the border for which method I use. The quilt below has a seam in the pink border and both the left and top outside border fabric have been pieced.  Can you see any of the three seams?

Pink and Gray Baby Quilt “Attraction”

The quilt pattern is Attraction by  my friend Donna Robertson of Fabric Cafe.  It is one of her 3 yard quilt patterns!  Click on the pattern title to go to her pattern.

The pink inside border has a 45 degree angle seam. I’m betting you can easily see it (zoom in to see). Yes, I want you to find it!   (Hindsight, I should have done a straight seam so both borders had the same technique.  BUT, I already had it sewn before I thought about the outside border.)  The gray fabric has a straight seam. I did this on purpose so I could match the design. I wasn’t worried about matching the gray fabric when I sewed the blocks, too many seams. Plus overall, it doesn’t bother me that they don’t all match, no way to get around it.

My goal here is to have you find the seam in the gray fabric border. Hard to see! Especially at a glance. That is the idea. I MATCHED the design!! the straight seam made it easier and less noticeable.

The steps and tips on how to accomplish it is below.

1. Fold back a “line” on the border strip that is easily matched. I chose the “line” shown below.  Press.

2. Match folded edge to the next border strip.

1. Press fold on line to match.

2. Pressed piece lined up on next border strip.





3. Pin in place.  The flannel fabric stays put nicely.  You can use fabric glue to keep it from slipping on regular quilter’s cotton.

4. Stitch in the crease of the fold.

5. Press seam open.  TA DA!  Not a bad match!

3. Pin in place.

4. Sew seam in pressed crease.

5. Pieced seam pressed open







I hope this helps you in sewing border strips together that have a definite pattern.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Baby Quilts

My great nephew is almost two and he got two quilts. One for his crib and one for play. I’m getting ready to make a couple more baby quilts for friends. When I make baby quilts, my hope is that they will be used and abused (I mean loved!!) I tell the moms, USE them! I can always make another, ha! And you bet I will if requested. So, I thought I’d share my favorite baby quilt ideas and tips.  (More than 2 today!)

#1 – I love to use flannel for the tops and Cuddle/Minky for the backs.  The softness of both sides of the quilt make it fun. And I’ve been told…the Cuddle on the back is awesome for the moms.  They get the soft, too!

#2 – Pick simple patterns! These quilts do not have to be masterpiece/lifetime quilts. I like making them to be used (see above!) If using flannel, the fewer the seams the lighter weight it will be. Plus, fewer seams make for faster construction. My Done by Three, 4-3-2-1-DONE and Done for Love are perfect patterns with very few seams. Also making a Flower Garden quilt with Hex-a-ma-jig (directions in the instruction booklet with the tool) will go together very quickly.

“Done by Three”. D.Wendt

Done by Three D.Wendt

4-3-2-1-DONE D. Wendt

Done for Love D.Wendt


“Hex-a-ma-jig” Flower Garden D.W.





#3 – Use simple quilting designs! The hope is they will be USED and LOVED. That means many washings. If they are used there is a chance…well, more than a chance… they will be spit up on, diaper leakage and worse….Yep, more times in the washer. Pick a design that will stand up to the washer and dryer.

#4 – I call my baby quilts FLOOR QUILTS. I make them to give a “protective” covering for baby on the floor – for nap time, play time and learn to crawl time. Plus, calling them floor quilts will get them used!

#5 – I often do machine sewn bindings. Faster to finish and stands up to the washings!

#6 – Don’t forget to sign and date! Treasure your work for the little treasure you are making it for.


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Two Tip Tuesday – Designer Tips

The Quilt Candy Designer Tips & Techniques revised schedule is listed below.  (There has been some changes, so please know this is the latest information I have.)

Thanks and hope to “see” you on Wednesday at 3pm for my Facebook live tips.

Tuesday, June 16
1:00   Becca Fenstermaker
3:00   Jo Westfoot
4:00   Lisa Ruble
5:00   Marlene Oddie  
8:00   Ebony Love
Wednesday, June 17
6:00   Laura Piland
7:00   Tammy Silvers
Thursday, June 18
12:00 Toni Smith
3:00   Epida Studio
4:00   Geeky Bobbin
6:00   Kimie Tanner and Missy Winona
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Two Tip Tuesday – Designer Tips rescheduled and Zoom

First, the Designer Tips & Techniques has been rescheduled to next week! They will be June 16, 17 and 18. Most will stay the same but we are waiting on some switches and final lineup. I will be presenting on June 17th at 3pm. (This is a different day and time for me than before.) I will post the list as soon as I get it later this week.

I was a presenter for the Virtual Quilt Market last week!  How do you show ALL your quilts when we aren’t in a convention center?  Why you lay them in your yard!  These quilts represent the 14 “Brilliant” and “Tool” patterns and variations I have designed using Brilliant Bindings.  It was fun to show them all!

“Brilliant” and “Tool” quilts! D.Wendt

I taught my first Zoom class on Saturday.  It was a wonderful success.  We made the Brilliant Ribbon Pillow that is a free download on my website.  It was a way for several to experience Zoom for the first time!  I had fun sharing demos on the steps and seeing the progress of everyone’s finished ribbons.  We had many different color combinations and all held a special place with each who made them.  Brilliant Bindings was used to cut the ribbon tails!  Unfortunately, I missed getting photos of my screen with everyone sharing their finished ribbon.  Below is the photo from my pattern.

If you need a quick gift this is a great option.  You could even make a dozen or so and put them into a quilt.  You can find the pattern HERE.   The pillow is not to be confused with the Brilliant Ribbons Quilt!  A great pattern for using up 2 1/2″ strips/scraps.

Brilliant Ribbons Quilt

I hope you enjoy making ribbons.

Stay tuned for classes I will be teaching on Zoom.  Below is a behind the scene look at how I set up for the Zoom class.

Behind the scene

  1. Brilliant Ribbons on my quilt rack.
  2.  2 daylight bar lights.
  3.  A ladder, a tool box and a storage box for height that has my ipad as the demo camera.
  4. Steps dropped on the floor once they were shown.
  5. ALL set up in the middle of my new found studio in my family room.

HA!  Some tips for filming/demo-ing on Zoom!

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Designer Tips POSTPONED

The Designer Tips and Techniques Facebook Event has been POSTPONED!
I will let you know when it is rescheduled. I will be doing Virtual Quilt Market Schoolhouse sessions today, so I will see you next week with my Two Tip Tuesday. Thank you!
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