Two Tip Tuesday – snow/no go

Well, the workshop did not happen on Saturday.  Bummer!  But better safe then to have us out in the thick of the snowfall.  So, I don’t have any photos to show you of the NYB Tie Pillows.  We will be rescheduling.  Stay tuned for photos after the workshop happens!

So, what do I talk about today?  How about last minute homemade gifts?!?  My Jewish friends begin lighting the Hanukkah lights and we are two weeks away from the big guy in red and celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I encourage you to look at my website for some free patterns.  The quickest and easiest is the Hotdog Pillow Case.  One pillow case takes 3/4 yard main fabric, 1/3 yard for cuff and 2″ strip for trim.  Hot Dog Pillow Case

Christmas favorites pillowcase fabrics







Or Easy Placemats…Checkout a previous post on Dec. 23, 2015 for detailed instructions!   Leave out the batting, make them square and you have napkins using the same finishing technique.

Double sided napkins. D.W.
Back to front technique









How about a quick scarf?  Take 2 yards of a yarn dyed flannel, cut 10″- 20″ by the length (10″-20″ x 72″).  Hem all four edges and you are done!  Or hem the long edges and fringe the short ends.  Two to four scarves from 2 yards of flannel!!  (If the fabric is 60″ wide, even more!)  See photo below for a 20″ x 72″ quick scarf I made.

Yarn Dyed Flannel Scarf D.W.

#1 – Yarn dyed flannel is woven, not printed.  Fabric is the same on the right and wrong side!

20″ was a bit wide but oh so warm!



Have more time?  How about making a Snuggle Tail?!  The Mermaid and Whale/Dolphin pattern is on the website, only $10 each.  Or use your Brilliant Bindings tool to make a Ribbon Pillow or Braid Quilt (see free patterns on my website).

Whatever you do, ENJOY!  Don’t burn the midnight oil like I so often did in the past.

#2 – Enjoy your Holiday sewing!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Prep for foundation piecing

Hello Friends!  I’m prep-ing for the NYB Tie Pillow workshop that I’m teaching on Saturday.  I’m deep into freezer paper and muslin!  So, I thought I’d give the tips this week on how to prep for printing your own foundations.  A couple weeks ago, I showed the boat foundation from EZ Piecing by Comp-U-Wear.  There are many other companies that make and sell foundations…including me.  I made the Wonderful Little World with a stamp, fabric ink and muslin.  See past Two Tips for piecing on muslin foundations.  Today I’ll be focusing on the prep.  This week’s tips will be the process I use.  (Sorry for the void of  color in this weeks tips. 😉  )  After Saturday’s workshop, I’ll follow up with more tips from my students.

First – I cut the freezer paper at 11″ x width (my roll is 18″ wide).

Second – I cut the muslin to 11″ x width of fabric (I used 36″ wide to have less waste…and it is what was on sale!)  Cut into 8 1/2″ sections, I could get three per the width I’m using.

Third – I pressed the muslin pieces to the freezer paper, shiny side to the fabric.  (Two fit per cut sheet of freezer paper.)  Press with dry iron.  I have used steam, but a dry iron resulted in less wrinkles.

8 1/2″ x 11″ muslin pieces
on shiny side of freezer paper







Fourth – I turn over and pressed again from the “paper” freezer paper side.  This helps seal all edges.

Press back side as well.






Fifth – Let cool and cut into 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces.  Why 8 1/2″ x 11″?  That is paper size (on this side of the pond) and works well in my laser printer!  (The top edge that feeds into the printer must be crisp and free of loose threads!)

8 1/2″ x 11″ freezer paper backed muslin






Sixth – If muslin foundation is curled, curl the opposite way before printing.  I tied with a string to give it time to uncurl.

Roll opposite direction to remove curl

See printed piece below.

NYB foundation pieces









I’m looking forward to the workshop and seeing what tie color choices and backgrounds will be used!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Mug Rug

I wanted to follow up on the Teal Mini Swap.  I had a great time making my mini for Joanne and loved the mini she made for me.  She spoiled me with including a second and some wonderful Maine treasures.  I realized I never posted a picture of the mug rug I made her.  It is below!

Mug Rug Teal Mini Swap 2017

The teal fabric of the coffee mug and some of the binding was the “required” fabric that had to be used.  It was fun to find other fabrics that went well.  My swap partner likes stars and brights.  So, I incorporated those into this 10″ mini.  Detail of the big stitch quilting is shown below.  I made swirls of steam with my hand quilting lines.  Other lines were randomly stitched across the mini.

Mug Rug Teal Mini Swap 2017

I had fun making this mini!  What I want to share… don’t stress in making for others.  Give it your best and enjoy the ride!!  Notice the fabrics don’t match exactly, but they blend and complement.  That is KEY!

#1 – Pick fabrics that complement, they don’t have to match exactly!

#2 – Play with scraps and colors.  The more variety the better!  At least it is in my opinion.

The picture below is what I received!!  I love them!  Thanks Joanne!

Mini Teal Swap 2017

And kudos to Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Designs for a wonderful event and fundraiser.  Beth did an interview with Nancy Zieman on Nancy’s Corner early in November.  A wonderful opportunity and one to be treasured with Nancy no longer with us.  Nancy was a huge part of our quilting industry.   She will be missed.  Thoughts are with her family and friends.

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Two Tip Tuesday – thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  I am thankful for many things.  First and foremost, FAMILY!  I love them dearly, near and far.  In my quilting journey, I am thankful for all of you, my customers, students and friends.  Thank you all, my life has been blessed with you in it!

Tips for quilting seems minor in importance this week as we celebrate time with family and friends.  So, I will keep it short and simple.  Find things you love to do and do it!  When I travel, you know, I always have hand work with me. I’m still having fun making my muslin foundation Wonderful Little World pieces.  My latest tree below!

Wonderful Little World Tree D.W.

Also, this week I’m trying a new to me product.  EZ Piecing by Comp-U-Wear.  It is a product that is for foundation piecing.  It is designed for machine foundation piecing but it is so soft, I am hand foundation piecing.  Great to work with.  See the boat I’m working on.  And YES, I did add the pieces to the wrong side.  But, I just left it.  So, the sail is the other directions, no worries!

EZ Piecing foundation

#1- Try different products for the same technique.

#2- Try a new product.  I’m trying EZ Piecing foundations.

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Two Tip Tuesday – reporting in

Hello quilting friends!  I was on the road on Tuesday, but now home and unpacking from my last four quilting shows.  Yay!  Finished for this year’s quilting season.  It has been a lot of fun but I’m ready for a little break.   I loved meeting so many at the shows and in my classes this year.

And speaking of break….Christmas is coming rapidly fast this year. As they say in New England, “wicked” fast!  Will you be sewing?  I’ll be working on a few new patterns, but not sewing presents.  ( At least that is the current plan!). But I have to show you what a customer shared with me in Houston.  She bought the Snuggle Tails patterns last year in November and look at her results a month later….

Snuggle Tails
From Sara B.

Thank you for sharing, Sara B!!.  I LOVE them!!!!  Sara is from Burton, Texas.  I love seeing the results from my patterns!  She did an amazing job!





Just look at the fun the kids are having.  And by-the-way, you can make them any/every size…for kids! adults!! On your list.

Snuggle Tails – Sara B.

Some tips for speeding up the process of making Snuggle Tails… Make several at a time!  I have done this with baby quilts and I’ve suggested making panels for the tails.  That is exactly what Sara did.  She shared with me her process.  Great for the tips this week.  She made two “tops” of clamshells for the Mermaids and added the tail/fins later.

#1- Create a quilt top of clamshells.  Use it to cut out the tails.  This saves piecing each separately.

#2- Sara quilted the “top” on her longarm adding beautiful clams, pearls and mermaids.

See the detail work below.  I love how each is slightly different!  The Orca was done in nylon ski jacket fabric!  So very clever!  And she won First Place in her guild’s Quilt Show…CONGRATULATIONS!

Snuggle Tails!!
From Sara B.

Snuggle Tails!!
From Sara B.

What will be under your machine in the next month?!?  Please share!  I’d love to include you in my blog.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Houston Festival

Thank you Houston!  AND all you quilters that came by my booth for International Quilt Festival.  I enjoyed meeting you and showing “Brilliant Bindings” and my NEW “Hex-a-ma-jig” template.  To those “old” friends it is always a pleasure seeing you!  If only we all lived closer.

Pictures of my booth below!  First the big picture.

Wendy Quilting booth
Houston Festival 2017






The NEW tool, “Hex-a-ma-jig” and two new patterns using “Hex-a-ma-jig”.  The tool will be available on my website next week and the hexie patternswill ship in December.  “Won’t You Be…” (New By The Numbers pattern on the left!)

Wendt Quilting booth

“Brilliant Bindings” is still a favorite and the 14 patterns that use the tool as a cutting template!

“Tool” and “Brilliant” patterns

On my trip to KC, I stopped at two quilt shops.  A tiny shop in McAlester, Oklahoma, Country Fabrics & Quilts.   She had a great variety of white on whites and rodeo fabrics.  And The Blue Top Quilt Shop in Lamar, Missouri.  Wonderful selection of a huge variety of  Styles!  Yes, I purchased in each.  (A tip I have suggested in the past!)  My pic below is from Oklahoma….too bad he wasn’t real.








I’m a bit behind on the tips.  During a show things get a bit busy.  I want to share two sayings that were so FUN to see at Market.

Take the tips from the sayings!  I’ll be back to quilting soon.

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Two Tip Tuesday – NEW!!

On the road again!  I’m on my way to Quilt Market and Festival in Houston,TX.   I saved my exciting reveal until today…just days before I share it at Quilt Market.

I have designed a new tool!  “Hex-a-ma-jig” A Half Hexagon tool with lines for cutting full and partial hexies.  The tool is clear with etched lines to see on any fabric.  Hex-a-ma-jig has 3 1/2″ sides for a 7″ hexie.  Full color instructions included for cutting half hexies, full hexies, partial seam hexies, partial half hexies for finished side edges, 60 degree triangles and diamonds.  Six traditional hexie quilts also included in the instruction booklet.  It will be available on my website soon.

Hex-a-ma-jig by Debbie Wendt







I have designed two new unique quilts that use the Hex-a-am-jig template.  Take a look below!  Soon to be available on my website.  Look for the patterns in December.

Awareness and Fight D.W.

Radiant Nuance Knot D.W.

Quilting on the “Radiant Nuance Knot”  was kept simple letting the piecing get the focus.

Radiant Nuance Knot D.W.

#1- Simple overall quilting keeps the focus on the piecing, not the quilting.

The binding is a double fold binding cut at 2 1/4″.  A 1/4″ seam was used to attach the binding.  This makes a larger turn over to the back than the small 1/4″ on the front.  Why is it larger?  I turn the binding to the back to “fill up” the binding!  No extra space!  As long as both side are even on the respective side, all is good.  The miter is carefully folded and sewn to keep it from gaping.  (Sewing up the fold as well!)



Radiant Nuance Knot D.W.
Binding on front of quilt

Radiant Nuance Knot D.W.
Binding on back of quilt









#2- Turn the binding to the back and fill it up!  The front is even all the way around and the back is also even.  The front and back can be different widths, as long as they are even to their respective side!

Will I see you in Houston?  Come by my booth #1648 for both Market and Festival!

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