Two Tip Tuesday – After Market and Festival

Last week I was on the road returning from Houston Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival.  Good time was had by ALL!!  Except for the drive back.  The snow and ice in Pennsylvania….YES, we got caught in it.  An extra day and night in a hotel, but good to be safe and off the roads!

I’m excited to share with you some pictures of my Market and Festival booth.  First Market…. (sorry for the blur, new phone and learning I need to hold still longer)  Note the 13 quilt hanging in the back corner and table runner on the demo table.  ALL 14 are made with Brilliant Bindings!  A great showing of all the additional benefits of Brilliant Bindings and using it as a cutting template!!

Fall Quilt Market 2018 D.W.

Fall Market 2018 side view







…as promised, my NEW tool!!!  I welcomed in and introduced Hex-a-ma-jig Jr.  A smaller version of Hex-a-ma-jig perfect for 2 1/2″ strips!  The quilt featured in my Market booth is made with “Junior”.  The smaller versions of the original Hex-a-ma-jig quilts show the size difference between the two.  The batik quilt was made with one Tiki Roll by Sew Batik (that is 40 – 2 1/2″ strips!!  Note their “roll” has 2 each of 20 strips.)


Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. will be up on my website in a couple days, just in time for Small Business Saturday!  Please visit my website to order “Junior” and my other tools and patterns.

#1 – Do you have have a roll of 2 1/2″ strips laying around?  “Junior” is perfect for a quick easy quilt.

Two days after Market we opened for International Quilt Festival.  My booth grew and more quilts were added!  I had two friends helping in my booth for Festival, shown in picture.  Thanks to Carol and Cathy for their hard work and welcoming smiles!

Wendt Quilting booth
International Quilt Festival

Also added in my booth was my quilt for the Block Hop Around Festival.  I had the privilege to be a part of this great event with 11 other booths.  I have shown you bits and pieces of the quilt in progress over the last several weeks, now for the quilt…

Tasket Basket Quilt with
Edyta Sitar’s Something Blue Fabrics

Edyta Sitar’s Something Blue fabric line was our featured fabrics.  She stopped by my booth to see my version.  AND I got a photo with her.  I am happy to report she loved my quilt.  I will be offering a few quilt options and variations using these fabrics in the future.  My block is centered between us. (Yes, between our heads, teehee!)

A tip I don’t think I’ve talked about when attending a quilt show…

List of patterns!

#2 – Bring a list of your patterns, tools and books!  Here is a wonderful customer who shared her list of my patterns she already purchased.  Well done!  A great tip in action!

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Two Tip Tuesday – on the road again!

Neither rain, sleet or snow will keep me from getting to Houston!
Yes, I’ve had it all!  I’m driving to Houston and talk about a LONG drive. Today I had a prettier view out my windshield.








And look, I get to park with the BIG kids!!

I looking forward to Market and Festival so I can reveal my new tool and the Booth Hop quilt. The tool will be first in a couple days and then the quilt will have a place of honor in my Festival Booth #108 I’m #110 for Market. Come on by and see what is new.
#1 – Look at the booths when you walk a show, we have come a long way to get here! (I think hear a song in the background.)

#2 – both hands on the wheel…  Steering wheel!  Only one needed for the hand wheel of your machine.  Did you know you always turn your hand wheel towards you on almost every sewing machine.  It you turn it away it will take the top thread into the bobbin and make a big mess.

Nighty night and quilty dreams!!

Oh, and congrats to the Red Sox!!  World Series Champs!!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – the clock strikes midnight

Living in New England we get to experience the Red Soxs in the World Series this year! Of course, that is not mine or my husband’s team but we enjoy watching and routing for “the Soxs”! So, the clock struck midnight right at the end of the game and I’m still up printing and folding getting ready for Quilt Market and Festival in a week and a few days. Thank goodness for friends today to help with the folding and packaging. Another super power of a quilt business owner!
#1 – Quilting friends are the best!! Ask for help….they step up!
The weather here was crazy today. How about hail and a tornado in Rhode Island. The hail came down fast and covered everything. What does this have to do with quilting?  When your quilting friend’s car is in your driveway and it is getting hailed on, yikes!

Hail – October 23, 2018
Plus Fall Colors!

Plus…Looking at the picture, I see a wonderful mix of colors!  I’m all about finding color in nature this October.  I found similar colors in a Tiki Roll by Sew Batik that needs to be cut into!  I have some ideas of what it will be, stay tuned to see what it becomes.  I have found that Sew Batik’s 2 1/2″ strips to be VERY accurate.  But when using pre-cuts, it is always best to double check their measurement.  I’ve had some that are not.

Tiki Roll by Sew Batik
VERY accurate 2 1/2″ strips

#2 – Double check those 2 1/2″ strips.  Many are accurate, but best to measure to be sure.

Now it is past my bedtime and the ballgame is over.  (BTW, the Sox won game 1!)

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Two Tip Tuesday – Blues and Blue Skies

Blue is the word and color today! I’m enjoying some Florida BLUE skies while I stitch on a blue quilt. My view is below!!

The many blues of Florida

Now, for the blue fabrics…
As I have mentioned here of late, I’m working on this gorgeous blue quilt. I still can’t show the finished quilt until it hangs in my booth at Houston International Quilt Festival. What I can show is bits and pieces of the process as I have been doing. I will be participating in a booth hop in the Hop Around Festival 2018. I’m so excited to be a part of this group and I hope you seek us out, buy a passport, buy the blocks and choose my finishing kit! I think you will be very pleased with this quilt!!

I was in the middle of sewing on the binding when I had to pack it up and bring it to Florida with me (Hand sewing looking at a beach, YES! Please and Thank you!) So as to not loose my needle, I used “Wonder Clips” to mark my place and keep the needle from getting lost in the shuffle.

Wonder Clips protecting needle

#1- Use Wonder Clips to mark a place and protect your fingers from getting stabbed when taking the quilt out of your carrying bag or holding it up to show. (How many times I have heard…. “watch out for the needle, I’m still sewing the binding”….when seeing a quilt during show and tell!?!)

Still staying with the binding edge, I’ll share another edge tip. If possible, keep your quilting inside the edge of the quilt and not under the binding. Especially if it is a feather! It looks so much better not cutting off those beautiful feather under the binding edge! Now, I don’t worry about quilting off the edge if it is an allover pattern, just on designs that should looked finished and not cut off.

Complete Feathers within Binding Edge

#2 – Keep feathers whole on the outside edge of a quilt!

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Two Tip Tuesday – changes in the air

Fall is upon us, I love the beginning of the color change…

and we are looking at an 80 degree day tomorrow.  I’m o.k. with that as the Midwest is getting hammered with rain and Florida is bracing for a hurricane.  Everyone stay safe!

For those of you who attended the AQS show in Virginia Beach, thank you!  And Welcome!

Today I sit and sew on a binding.  A project I still can’t show you yet.  These blues are warm and yummy!  I chose to do some feather quilting.  Just a peek at the quilting and the binding.

Matching binding thread!

Free motion Feathers









The reveal will be at the International Quilt Festival in November, so stay tuned!  Notice how I matched the thread to the binding fabric.  It sure helps to hide those binding stitches.

#1 – Match thread to binding fabric!

With the colors of fall showing themselves, how about some leaf peeping?

Color is starting!

#2 – Look to nature for some wonderful color combinations.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Virginia Beach

Hello Virginia Beach!  I just set up for the AQS Quilt Week and the show opens tomorrow!  Come see me in Booth #1526.  I’ll be doing demos through the show and have a Learning Center time of 1:30 on Friday.  I’m ready…see below!  AND if you are an AQS member be sure to ask about our special!

Photo op in Virginia Beach Convention Center!

It was a bit of an adventure getting here.  We got stuck in the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel shut down yesterday.  UGH!  FIVE and a HALF, yes, 5 1/2 hours to go the last 15 miles of our trip.  Thanks to a wide load hitting the ceiling one of one the tunnels and loosing a piece of heavy equipment off his trailer.  It was not fun!  We waited 2 hours at one point on the second bridge waiting to go into the last tunnel.  Lots of water and sea breeze on a hot day.  We got here safely, just not very sound!

#1 -Take snacks on a road trip!  Ya never know when you might get stuck in traffic.

#2 – Turn off your car and get out and visit with your car neighbors.  We met a quilter by doing so.

Cheers to our new friends in the slow down!  Oh the fun of driving to a quilt show.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Teal Mini Swap

The Teal Mini Swap is underway and about done for another year.  Great turnout of 650 raising $6500 for ovarian caner research.  A great project put together by Beth Helfter.  This is my third year to participate.  I was a lucky girl as I was paired with someone I knew!  Kathleen Lamansky was my swap partner.  She made me a great mug rug and an awesome rope bowl.  I love them both!

All our loot!







I also made her a mug rug.  She likes brights, and is a lefty…can you tell by how I made the mug?!?  The mug fabric was the required teal that was given to us and had to be used in the mini.

Another successful year and all for a great cause!  Thanks to Beth for the event.  I’ll be sure to post next year when signups begin again.

#1- Have fun in a quilting related  event!

I kept the quilting on the mug rug I made simple.  Background straight lines are a great way to add texture and is so easy using your walking foot.  I did outline the bird, cup, hearts and I followed some of the lines of the fabric on the cup.

#2 – Try some straight line quilting.  Keeps in modern and adds texture!

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