Two Tip Tuesday – ties block

I finished the block using the neck ties.  I LOVE it!  Now to decide quilting and get it finished into a pillow.

NYB Neckties

The inspiration was from a pillow I found on Pinterest.  Posted by  Her block and post can be found HERE   The pattern was from a New York Beauty Quilt Along Block 5 from  The block can be found HERE  As you will see I made my center plain like Lindsey Rhodes did of lrstitched.  Love her colors but I’m thrilled with how the ties look in this New York Beauty Block.


#1 – Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas.  (HOWEVER, please be sure to find the source of the photo and give credit where credit is due!)

I manage to go through a lot of thread!  Do you?  A trick I’ve done for years is to make sure the thread label stays on the spool.  (Yes, the photo is Coat and Clark.  I still use it for a lot of my piecing.  I’ve heard pros and cons for all threads out there.  So, no judgements here!)  Back to my trick.  Use a pen to punch the label into the hole of the spool.  Then the label stays on the spool and you can keep track of type, color, weight, etc!!

#2 – Use a pen to punch hole into spool.

Happy piecing!

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Two Tip Tuesday – playing with ties

Remember that box of ties?  I’m playing with some of them today.  Working on a block for a new class I’m developing for the Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters Guild.  I’m using a muslin foundation because most of the ties are silk and I’m going to leave the foundation in after the block is made.  This will help stabilize the silk!

Silk is slick!  After I sewed a piece to the muslin foundation, I used a pin to keep the fabric in place.  (I did not want to use glue with the silk.)

Pin to hold in place.

I put the next piece in place and again, used pins.  This time I put the pins on the unstitched side so it would be easier to removed as I sewed the seam.  The pin is hiding up by the blue tape.








#1- Place pins on the unstitched side to have easy access to remove them as you are sewing.

Once the seam was sewn, I needed to trim up the threads, keeping my work as tidy as possible.  If you pull up the top thread, the bottom thread will come to the top in a little loop.  One snip and both threads are cut at the same time!

#2- Pull up top thread to reveal bottom thread and cut both at once.  Saves time and keeps work neat and tidy!

Don’t forget the Teal Mini Swap over at Eva Paige Quilt Designs…there is still time to join!

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Two Tip Tuesday – traveling to Wednesday this week

Yep, I was traveling yesterday.  A delayed flight and late arrival didn’t get me home until 2am.  That has nothing to do with quilting but my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Being summertime with stinkin’ hot weather is some states and mild cool nights in others…where are you and are you quilting?  Or do you take a break?  I’m getting ready to work on new patterns!!  Which brings up another question…what excites you about a pattern?  Design? Color? Shapes? Fabrics?  I would love to know your favorite color combinations.  Please comment (on any of the questions in this post) and I’ll put you in a drawing for my latest BTN pattern, “R-W-B Boise”.  Simple blocks makes this pattern go together easily.  Shown below is two color combinations I’ve made.

“Sea Glass”. D.W.

R-W-B Boise









The Teal Mini Swap registration has begun!  Checkout the information on Eva Paige Quilt Designs  There is fee but most monies go to Ovarian Cancer Research!  I’m already in!  Ya never know, we could be swap partners!  Look for the Facebook page as well.








I have a Wendt Quilting Facebook page.  Have you checked it out?  I do have a couple videos there.  I’m working on a few more to load very soon.   Tell me in the comments if you have a quilting question!

Change…for Fall Paducah… “Trapunto Basics on Your Home Machine” has been added in place of “Snuggle Tails”.  It will be Friday evening from 5:30-8:30pm.  Register for the class if you’ll be in Paducah!

“Trapunto Basics on Your Home Machine”.   Description: Make your quilts “pop” by learning the basics of adding trapunto to the open spaces of your quilts, using only your home machine.  Trapunto isn’t just for open spaces; it can also enhance pieced and appliqués blocks.  Learn the difference between traditional, faux, and stuffed work while working through the steps of adding trapunto on pre marked samples.  Discover this impressive machine quilting technique to add texture and character to your quilts.



#1- Questions above…give a comment…to be entered into giveaway!

#2- Stay cool in this summer heat!  (Try hand piecing, no electricity needed!)

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Two Tip Tuesday – WQ Facebook page question/answer

I’m getting this in under the wire.  It has got to still be Tuesday on the West coast!  Tonight on the Wendt Quilting Facebook page I had a question on the “Four” Dinner Placemats pattern.  The question was about the wording “offset” two angled edge pieces when sewing a seam.  This is very similar to sewing the end join on binding tails.  The desired outcome is that after sewing the seam the edges continue nice and even so there is no “jump” at the seam.  I will add some photos below on how to make sure this happens.

#1- place the two fabrics next to each other as they will look once sewn.  This helps visualize how it should look.



#2- flip one piece on top of the other with right sides together.  Make sure to “offset” the pieces so the seam line crosses at the cut edge.  (You do NOT have the pointy end at the cut edge.  If you do, this will create the jump that you do not want.). In the photo below I have my finger pointing to where the 1/4″ seam line will cross the cut edge.








#3- This next photo shows how the seam will look after it has been sewn.  The top edges are in a nice straight line.  (Don’t worry about the outside edge of the purple piece.  On the placemats, they will be trimmed once all seams are sewn.  (And these are the scraps that were hand on my cutting mat!)

I’m happy to clarify this step.  This is one of the steps that is also very important in sewing binding!






Look at the awesome contrails that were in the sky yesterday.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many at once!  I even saw three jets crisscrossing the existing contrails…wow!  Sometimes it is good to stop and look upward!  Catch the inspiration of simple lines in the sky!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Ties

So what would you do if you saw an email giving away men’s neckties?  Yep, you say…”sure I’ll take them!”  Well, maybe you wouldn’t, but I sure did.  Look at the box I scored!  And they are mostly open, insides removed and washed!  Score again!  Ready to cut and sew.

18″ x 24″ box of ties










So my tip…

#1- answer the call for free fabric, even if it is in the form of neckties….SCORE!

Look at all that useable fabric.  The one shown below is 9″ at the widest and half is about 24″.  And most of them are silk!  NOW, what to do with them?  I’ve always wanted to make a quilt incorporating ties.  Here is my chance without having to buy a single tie.  I’ve agreed to teach a class on neckties for the Blackstone Heritage Quilters Guild next season.   I’ll probably have enough for the entire class.  Well, not enough for each to make a quilt, but at least enough for a project.  Check back this fall to see what we will make.

Opened necktie

Have you made a necktie quilt?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!  Some ties are just boring or plain ugly but most have some great pattern and designs hidden in them.  I think I might have to troll “Pinterest”.  There goes a few more hours of my day.  (Just staying cool in the AC!)

If you use ties that are of different fabric types…and because most are silk…it is best to stabilize them or sew them onto a foundation.  A foundation can be as simple as a piece of muslin.

#2- Sew ties onto a foundation for stability.


Now, to change subjects for a minute…  Beth Helfter of Eva Paige Quilt Designs is the headquarters and brains behind the ” Teal Mini Swap”.  Monies raised will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and Alliance.  Sign ups (registration) opens July 25th.  Check out her website for full details.  And there is also a Facebook page.  I participated last year and enjoyed meeting my swap partner in Kansas.  (So close to my “hometown”!).  I hope you will consider joining.  Last year over $6,000 was sent to OCRFA!!  Ya never know, we could be partners.

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Two Tip Tuesday – missed on the 4th of July

The 4th of July was Tuesday and I missed getting up a post.  I hope those in the USA (or abroad…we always had a wonderful 4th celebration in Cairo) had a wonderful time celebrating our nations birthday with family and friends!  I /we had a great day with our friends that are our FAMILY here in Massachusetts!  My favorite part of the meal was our red/white/blue dessert!






The Minarda in the yard is blooming for the RED (and attracts hummingbirds)!  With the BLUE in my yard leaning toward the violet spectrum.  Well, it looks blue from across the yard.








I love a RWB quilt!  I love the color combination as well as the symbolism for our nations strength.  My R-W-B Boise is so simple to make!  You can find it in patterns on my website.

R-W-B Boise

Have you made a RWB quilt?  Did you keep it or give it to a soldier?  I have given away several over the years.  I encourage you to make a Quilt of Valor!  Our service men and women and veterans are so VERY deserving.

#1- When using a variety of blues, don’t be afraid of them not being “matchy- matchy”.  From navy to royal blue to bright.  It adds GREAT variety and interest.

#2- Same goes for reds!  From burgundy to red to orangey red.  Mix them up!  If one is screaming at you, then pull it out and save it for another project.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Summer Quilts

I had a successful, FUN trip to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Great to see friends and quilts. It only took an extra 4 hours to get up there.  A couple quilt shops and Vermont Country Store were must do’s on the way!  And I followed my tip last week…I bought some fabric or made a purchase at each stop!

One of the highlights was going to the Shelburne Museum.  I knew they had quilts on display but did not realize how many old houses, buildings, artwork and even a train and paddle boat we could walk through.  (We didn’t walk through the artwork, but enjoyed it just the same.)

Take a look at my two favorites below!  Be sure to read the bit about “turkey red”.

Appliqué and Pieced Mexican Rose 1850
Shelburne Museum

Appliqué and Pieced Coxcomb Pomegranate 1850-70
Shelburne Museum







LOVE the border on only two sides!  My guess is the bed the quilt was made for was against a wall.  What do you think?  Who ever said it has to be on all sides?!?






Lets talk summer quilts… What batting will you use?  Or no batting?  I’m trying a “washable wool” by “Quilter’s Dream Batting” for the first time.  It is nice, light and thin.  It has some loft when it is quilted.  My go to favorite is 100% Bamboo by “Winline.”  I love how thin and light it is.  Great hand and washes to a soft drapy quilt.   How about using flannel?  It will be light and super thin.  Old time summer quilts often didn’t even have batting.  A top and back, that was it.

#1- Try different battings a for the effect you want.

#2- To keep it real cool, don’t use any batting!

Tonight we had a great thunderstorm.  Rumbles!!  And a beautiful rainbow that turned into a double (my camera barely shows it).

Double Rainbow 6/27/17 D.W.

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