Two Tip Tuesday – Summer Fun

Hot day in New England and I go to Mystic Aquarium with a dear young friend! See… there is a Beluga Whale swimming behind me!

Beluga at Mystic Aquarium

Reminds me of a pattern…wink, wink…Snuggle Tails – Whale/Dolphin.

Did you know the pattern has 5 different tail shapes?  A dolphin, humpback whale, blue whale, beluga and orca.

It is a fun pattern, sure to please the young and young at heart!

#1- Inspiration is all around, an aquarium, garden, tile floor…be inspired!

AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids starts next week on Wednesday.  Will you be there?  Twirl-A-Tool had a spot open up, go quickly and sign up!  It is a great block, that looks fun in many different fabrics.  Come by my booth #1021 and see demos and new patterns since last year.

I’m heading to Springfield, MA tomorrow to help hang quilts at the Mancuso show.  I’ll have a quilt hanging in the guild section.  My Tasket Basket Quilt from the Hop Around Festival will be there.  I love this quilt and the gorgeous “Something Blue” fabrics by Edyta Sitar.

“Something Blue”…
Tasket Basket Quilt D.W.

#2- Take a break and go inside for a quilt show!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Ouch!

So, I begin my tips today with what NOT to do!!!

Warning: this is not for weak stomach, no worries, no blood!

Yep, that would be my thumb. I think I’ve only done this one other time in my 40+ years of sewing. Thank goodness it didn’t go all the way through, only grazed the end of the thumb. Well, it did go through the nail.

Needle through thumbnail

#1 – Always know where your fingers are when sewing!

I never, well until the other night, have my thumb close to the needle. It is always in front of the presser foot. I have no clue what happened, it just happened!

Onto a tip of DO not don’t!

When Squaring a block, be sure it is centered! I teach squaring a block in many of my classes. There are several things to check before you put your cutter to fabric. The photo shows one tip…
know the center measurement of your block. Find the center of the block and place the center measurement on that center point.

Then square around all four sides of the block. It might be necessary to square two sides, rotate the ruler and square the opposite two sides.

#2- Find the center measurement of the block and place it on the center of the block.

If I have a number of blocks with the same measurement, I will draw a circle around the center measurement.  This way my eye goes straight to the middle and it is easier to locate on the ruler.  I use a sharpie to mark center.  It comes off easily with an alcohol wipe!

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Two Tip Tuesday – heat is on

Is it hot or cool where you are? What is your summer project?  Or do you have several?  I’m playing catch up! I’ve spent the last couple months being away from home more than at home. Now, to get ready for the next 4 shows to finish the year. AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids is next! August 21-24. I’ll be teaching “Become a Brilliant Binder”, “Twirl-A-Tool” and “Hexies and Honeycombs- Getting Started with English Paper Piecing”. Bindings is sold out and there is only one or two seats left in the other two. Be sure to sign up soon to guarantee a spot for you in class. I will also be an instructor for All-Star Review.  This is a great chance to see several instructors in one spot!  It is a great show.  I love all the guild challenge quilts.  My booth, #1021, will be on the corner near those quilts!!  Hope to see you there.

Also happening right now is the “Teal Mini Swap” sign ups by Beth Helfter of Eva Paige Quilt Designs.  Limited space, so hurry on over to register.  I need to do the same.  It is a great fundraiser for raising awareness of ovarian cancer and Ovarian Cancer Research.  Who knows, we could be swap partners!

#1 – Join a swap!  Meet new quilting friends!

So, I did change my color palette for the project I showed a couple weeks ago.

I’m happier with the contrast of the aqua/green with the background.

Enough contrast? D.W.

Change of color!









#2 – It pays to make a change if you are not sure…you will be happier and not keep questioning your decision!

HA!  I made the change!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Long Way Home

What do you do for three days of driving? Well, if I’m a passenger, I’d have a hand project to work on. BUT, when I’m the driver, I drive…no hand work for me. 😦

It was a long way home but I had a great time at Stitcher Paradise in St. Petersburg, FL.  I still feel like I’m in the car so I’ll keep this short, but I have lots of photos!

Three great classes and wonderful students!  Cheryl kept the booth hopping with demos while I taught.  Great job Cheryl!  A HUGE thanks to Michael and Cynthia for helping take down and load my car.  We got the last load out as it started to rain…POUR…by the time I got back inside.  We were rewarded with a double rainbow later on when the rain stopped.

A few pictures from my 4-3-2-1-DONE class.  Several chose to be controlled with their colors while others were random.  I can’t wait to see them ALL finished.  Some packed up before I got photos (looking to see those in a finished quilt – wink, wink)

DONE in blues and creams…random placement

DONE in cool colors…controlled placement

DONE in “fire”…controlled

DONE in “Rainbow Sherbet”…random

DONE in teals…random

DONE in purples…controlled


























DONE in multi colors…controlled

#1 – Have FUN in classes!  We had a lot of laughs and instruction.  Refreshers of the basics is always good.  They reported they learned something new!!In the Twirl-A-Tool class we did a faux piped binding sample.  Since we were working with a wide 4 1/2″ binding we still got the same awesome finish with Brilliant Bindings.  We turned the tool and used the 45 degree line on the tool to draw our cutting line!  Score!  Another use for the lines on the tool….and tip #2!!

Brilliant Bindings 45 degree miter line for marking

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Two Tip Tuesday – Stitcher Paradise

I’m in FLORIDA!! Stitcher Paradise is Thursday to Saturday this week, July 18-20 at the Hilton Carillon in St. Petersburg, FL. I’m excited for the three classes I’m teaching and I’ll have my booth as well. I’m looking forward to meeting new quilting friends!  The show is put on by Happy Apple Quilts in Tampa.  I visited the shop today and look at the display for the show…

I spy “Brilliant Bindings”!

Twirl-A-Tool sample at
Happy Apple Quilts in FL










They have Brilliant Bindings on display along with their version of a Twirl-A-Tool quilt! (Binding and Twirl-A-Tool are two of the classes I’ll be teaching.  4-3-2-1-DONE is the third.)

They have a beautiful store with lots of wonderful, colorful brights!  They even have a longarm room with machines to rent or they quilt for you.  We did a video using my Brilliant Bindings for the Longarm.  They are editing it and will have it on their YouTube channel very soon.  I’ll be sure to share the link once it is up.  It has been a while since I demo-ed Bindings on the Longarm, I think you will enjoy it!

#1 – You can bind a quilt before you remove it from the frame.  Brilliant Bindings for the Longarm is 1/4″ thick and has full color instructions!

As with any show, there is a lot of prep and heavy lifting getting the booth ready.  I’ll share more on that on my FaceBook page once we get set up.

The third class that I mentioned I’m teaching is 4-3-2-1-DONE.  Did you know my “Done” Series all use fat quarters.  Check them out on my website!

#2 – Have Fat Quarters?  Try a “Done” quilt!  They are easy to cut, easy to piece and a lot of FUN!

Done by Three is also fat quarter friendly!  See two different colorways below.

Done by Three D.W.

“Done by Three”. D.W.

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Two Tip Tuesday – two weeks gone by

I do not know where time goes some days. It has been two weeks since I did Two Tips. I can’t believe it. Sad but true, those weeks are gone and away we go into July! So what is happening with your summer? Are you working on a project or playing outside. I’m driving south today and boy is it HOT! We haven’t had this heat yet in New England. My Suburban is doing well and just turned another big number.

Good milage! Wendt Quilting on the road!




What will you do to beat the summer heat? I’ve heard many say they don’t quilt in the summer, but work in the garden or outside. Nope, not me! Bugs love me and I don’t take any chances to give them a reason to jump on me. I’ll stay inside where I can stay cool in my basement and sew. It is humid at the moment, so I may have to move upstairs in front of one of the AC units!

Speaking of heat…Did you know it is not good for your sewing machine to sit in a hot car? Getting it from point A to point B, it will be fine, but NO extended periods of time in the heat (or cold). Tip #1!!

My next project is designing a block and quilt for the Houston Festival Block Hop.  I’ll be doing it again this year!  I can’t reveal any of the details of the blocks, but here is a sneak peek.  I’m not happy with the contrast of the block.

Enough contrast? D.W.

What would you do?  Scrap it or keep going?  I’ll let you know next week what I decide.  Tip #2 – Sometimes a taking a step back and rethinking is the best thing to do.

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Two Tip Tuesday – Vermont

Hello Quilty People! I’m in Vermont getting ready for the Vermont Quilt Festival. This is my first year to vend here and I’m very excited!! We drove through a deluge of rain but made it to no rain and sun to unload the Suburban! Talk about good timing and good vibes!  Tomorrow we finish set-up (my friend Cheryl will be helping, I sure appreciate her help!!). The Show opens with a champagne reception tomorrow night…too bad I don’t like champagne. Then the show runs Thursday thru Saturday. I hope to see some of you there! Come by and say hi! I’m booth #46.

The NEW project I showed last week is a LARGER Boxy Bag! I’m excited to give this great pattern a new cover featuring the larger bag. The original is still included with all the fun options to make your bag unique. I think you will love the update!!

Boxy Bag D.W.

Boxy Bag D.W.







I’m exhausted so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail for tips….
So, cheeers to champagne tomorrow and the start of another quilt show!
#1 – A glass of wine just might relax you to learn to stipple! (or even champagne at quilt shows!)
#2 – Go to a quilt show near you!! There are many local guilds that hold shows.
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