Two Tip Tuesday – Missed Tuesday

I missed it!  Yep, Tuesday flashed right by me.  I’ve been busy in the throws of getting ready for Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX in just over a week.  My house is filled with boxes of tools, patterns, kits and more.  Thanks to the help of my “Team Debbie” crew (a new name Cheryl gave them, and I LOVE it!!) I am closer to being ready for these two very important shows!  Thanks girls!

So, I will collect some new tips this week and be back next week.  If you are in the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild, I’ll see you on Saturday!!  My Egyptian Tentmaker bags are packed and ready for the trunk show!  (see photo below!)  Shop owners and quilty business peeps, I’ll see you in Houston at Market!  AND Wendt Quilting followers and friends going to Festival, I’ll see you in Houston!!

Egyptian Tentmaker storage

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Two Tip Tuesday – Questions/Answers

What is on my mind? I have questions and I’d like for you to supply the answers (if you would be so kind?!). I’m considering some new classes to teach and want input of what do YOU want to know?

I’ve been quilting for over 30 years and I’ve seen some changes in the quilting world.  One thing that hasn’t changed, quilters love fabric, tools and learning new or new to them techniques.  So, back up to the question…how can I help you in your quilting journey?  What is an area(s) that you want more information?  I’d love to have your input!!

#1 – Share a tip with a quilting friend!

#2 – ALL quilters have opinions!  If you ask for advice, you will get the number of answers of people you ask.  Sometimes several from the same person.  Loads of design opportunities and in the end, it is your quilt and your decision!

The pictures below are of the items I made on Saturday at my guild’s “Bazaar Bonanza” workshop.  These will be donated to the St. Peter’s Christmas Bazaar.  We meet at their church hall for our workshops, we LOVE the space and donate items every year to help support their Bazaar.

Eye glass case D.W.

Bowl Cozy D.W.

Hot pad D.W.

















I’ll be in Hartford, CT on the 19th giving two lectures for the Greater Hartford Guild meeting.  I’ll be talking about the “Egyptian Tentmaker’s Applique” (Trunk show and power point of my time living in Egypt and the beautiful work of the Tentmakers!)  The second trunk show is of “My Quilting Journey” (A look at my 30+ years of quilting and my business in the quilting world!)  I hope to see some of you there!  Don’t forget to post your comments!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Jelly Roll Rug

Last week I talked about making a jelly roll rug.

Jelly Roll Rug! D.W.

I’m loving the colors!  I used the pattern by Roma Lambson of RJ Designs.  40 jelly roll strips (2 1/2″ strips) were used.  I had a 24 pack of strips, plus cut and added 16 strips from my stash.  Need 2 1/2″ strips?  Yes, you can cut your own…tip #1!

Or purchase pre-cut strips.  There are some wonderful color combinations put together already for you!  A “jelly roll” was first introduced to the quilt world by Moda Fabrics.  Many fabric companies have their own set of 2 1/2″ strips.  Look for them in a local quilt shop near you!

I was in Charleston, SC for the AQS Quilt Week last week.  Here is a photo of my booth!  (before the “big” lights were turned on)

Wendt Quilting booth in
Charleston, SC






It was great to be in Charleston and thank you to all who came by my booth, shopped and came to the Learning Center for my talk on Hexies!  My friend Carol went with me to the show.  We had fun sightseeing the day after the show ended!  See the sights and learn the history of these wonderful town where quilt shows are held…tip #2!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Charleston and tips

I’m in Charleston, SC for the AQS Quilt Week! My booth is set up and ready for the opening of the show tomorrow.  Come say hi and see the demos in booth #1303. There is a clip on the AQS Blog yesterday about my tools and Learning Center session!  Scroll down to find my post.

Tips for today will be short and sweet.   I’ve been working on a jelly roll rug!  FUN!  Try out the new “Jelly Roll Jig” it is a great tool for helping fold the batting and strips for sewing.

#1 – Jelly Roll Jig!  at www. (remove spaces)

#2 – Patience is a virtue when sewing jelly roll rug…and Best Press, it is your friend!

The rug photo will have to be next week.  (photo won’t load correctly, bummer!)  I’ll be teaching it at the Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters Workshop on Dec. 7th.  Won’t you join me?!?

A photo that would load…My new larger Boxy Bag is shown below.  A new favorite with Turtle Hand Batik fabrics.  (they are here at the show as well, hint! hint!)

Boxy Bag D.W.

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Two Tip Tuesday – EPP

I was pondering what two tips to give today and then I saw that AQS posted the video I did while at the Grand Rapids show last month. So, voila! The tips can be found in the video!

English Paper Piecing (EPP) is a fun and a take along hand project.  I have been sewing Hexies this way for many years as I have written about before.  Enjoy the video!

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Two Tip Tuesday – Maine Getaway

I was in Maine at my Thimble Pleasures Guild’s Getaway this past weekend. I had a wonderful time and got a LOT of piecing done! We were in Kennybunk!  It is a beautiful area with the shore just a short walk up the road for the Franciscan House, where we held the Getaway.  Look at my view one afternoon…

Beach in Maine

And the flowers were still in full bloom!  Walk in the opposite direction and there were wonderful restaurants and cute little shops.  I managed to have lobster two nights!  YUM!

Still in bloom in Maine!









I forgot to pack my thread holder for my large spools.  So, my solution (actually how I usually sew with a large spool) put it on the floor.  It allows the thread to unwind off the spool and not get hung up for smooth sewing.

The floor is my spool pin!

#1 – For large spools of thread, place on the floor and run the thread up to the spool pin and thread as normal!  No thread stand needed.

Another tip…also happened on this trip…When you don’t want to mark with a marker or chalk, try a Hera Marker.  It has a smooth curved edge that will crease the fabric.  Run it along a ruler for a nice straight line to use as a quilting guide.  Quick and easy for cross hatching!  Thank Patty for the use of your project (and hands) for my photos!

Using a Hera Marker

Hera marker and crease it makes!

#2 – Try a Hera Marker when you don’t want to have to remove chalk or fabric marker from your project.  Mark a crease, follow for your quilting line.  NO removal necessary!

I’m already looking forward to my next Getaway next year!  Do you attend Getaways or Retreats?  I sure enjoy them!!

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Two Tip Tuesday – To wash or not to wash?

Today’s title has been debated over and over again. My opinion is based on the fabric you are working with. Typically, I don’t pre-wash most printed fabric (unless they are DARK).  There are certain fabrics I usually always pre-wash…Batiks!! Especially if they are highly saturated in color. Take the fabric below, this actually photo-ed a bit lighter…

Purple Batik

I pre-washed and so glad I did! Many batiks are hand dyed and need have the excess color/dye in them. I used “Shout Color Catchers” by SC Johnson.  I put two Color Catchers in the first washing with a little laundry detergent and warm water.  See how they came out below.  I repeated with a second wash, the second sheets in the photo.

Color Catchers
1st wash + 2nd wash








The results show just why it is a good idea to pre-wash!  I stopped with two washings, but be aware some fabrics might need more.  There are several products on the market for treating dyed fabrics.  “Retayne” and “Synthrapol” are two I have used.  another way to test is put the fabric in a sink with water.  Lift out of the water and see if there is dye in the water.  If there is…pre-wash!!

#1- Test fabric for color fastness!

#2- “Color Catcher” sheets is one way to “catch” the dye from the wash water.

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